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Veterinary Futures Commission Charts Course For Future Success In The Profession

A joint commission created by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) and Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges (AAVMC) has released a report identifying emerging trends that will affect the veterinary profession during the next generation, providing insights that may be used to adapt to the profession’s changing environment. “The Future of Veterinary Medicine,” produced […]

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AVMA Asks Congress To End Equine Abuse With PAST Act

Soring is the act of intentionally inflicting pain on a horse’s legs or hooves to make them perform in a high-stepping, artificial gait. The act of soring is most often seen in Tennessee Walking Horses that are show horses, though the inhumane act is also inflicted on other gaited breeds like spotted saddle horses and […]

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Combining Forces For Change: U.S., Canada and Europe Fight Antimicrobial Resistance

Veterinarian organizations in Canada and Europe have released a statement in conjunction with the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) to encourage best practices regarding microbial resistance. The Joint Statement on Continuous Monitoring of Antimicrobial Use and Antimicrobial Resistance encourages the use of targeted strategies to diminish antimicrobial resistance and guarantee antimicrobial oversight so that both animal […]

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Zoetis Introduces Complete Core Equine Disease Vaccine

Zoetis has introduced the Core EQ Innovator™, the first and only equine vaccine to contain all five core equine disease antigens (West Nile, Eastern and Western Equine encephalomyelitis, tetanus and rabies) in one vaccine. As defined by the American Association of Equine Practitioners and the American Veterinary Medical Association, these diseases are designated as core because […]

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Farriery Should Be Recognized In AVMA Model, Group States

A change to the guiding principles of the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) could profoundly affect farriers, the farrier industry, equine veterinarians, horse owners and the horse, the American Farriers Journal believes. The draft of the Model Veterinary Practice Act (MVPA) the AVMA uses has eliminated the farrier exemption; this model is intended to protect […]

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Are Veterinary Salaries Driving Up The Cost Of Care?

Over the past several years the number of pets in the U. S. has been on the rise, while the number of visits to veterinary hospitals has dropped. The result has been that the average cost of veterinary services throughout the country has been increasing at a rate faster than inflation. The American Veterinary Medical […]

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Debt And Stress Main Reasons Vets Don’t Recommend Profession To Others

Less than half of all veterinarians would recommend their chosen profession to a family member or friend, reports Merck Animal Health. In a controlled study of veterinarians designed to quantify the prevalence of stress and mental illness in the veterinary profession, Merck sought to compare the findings to both previous studies and to the general […]

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Non-FDA Approved Drug Use And Veterinarian Liability

Most veterinarians follow specific standards of care when treating client horses, but off-label and compounded medication use is common in equine veterinary practices. What happens when a horse in their care has an adverse reaction to meds that are compounded or used off-label? There are some very basic criteria that should be followed to ensure […]

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Veterinarians Fighting Reclassification Of Anesthesia Drug

Veterinarians are fighting a proposed reclassification of the drug ketamine by the World Health Organization (WHO), saying that additional international controls over the availability of the drug could make it difficult for them to use it in clinical practice. The WHO plans to discuss ketamine’s classification during a Nov. 16-20 meeting in Geneva and is […]

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