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When The Storm Clears, Veterinary Challenges Remain For Horses Stuck In Flood Waters

Hurricanes Harvey and Irma flooded two of the largest horse populations in the United States. Texas has a million horses and Florida has a half-million. During the hurricanes, the major threat to these animals was flying debris, but in their aftermath, horses struggled through floodwater to survive. Floodwater is particularly hazardous because of the level […]

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Hot And Cold: Custom Shoeing Versus ‘Plating’ For Thoroughbreds

A farrier pounding a red-hot shoe on an anvil is part of our equine heritage. Most disciplines prefer their farriers to hand-make shoes from bar stock using a forge to custom-fashion them for each particular horse. The shoes are applied to the bottom of the horse’s feet while still hot, a process called “burning,” which […]

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American Farrier’s Association Announces Grant for Equine Stem Cell Research

The American Farrier’s Association (AFA) has announced a donation of $10,000 through its Equine Research fund to the Morris Animal Foundation in support of research being conducted by Dr. Alix Bergman, Morris Animal Foundation Fellow, North Carolina State University. In conjunction with the work of Drs. Lauren Schnabel and Matthew Fisher, Dr. Bergman’s research is […]

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American Farrier’s Association Endorses AHC’s Welfare Code Of Practice

From the American Horse Council: The American Farrier’s Association is the latest organization to endorse the American Horse Council’s (AHC) Welfare Code of Practice. The AHC Welfare Code of Practice is a broad set of principles designed to establish good welfare procedures for organizations to follow to “Put the Horse First.” The code outlines in […]

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Farriers Say Racetrack Licensing Process Leaves Much To Be Debated

Every racing jurisdiction includes in its rules of racing the specific criteria a horseshoer must meet to obtain a racing commission license as a farrier. Passing a two-part test that consists of a written portion and a practical assessment of the farrier’s skills is necessary in most jurisdictions, although a license may be issued to […]

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