Stable Relationships Key To Happy Horse Herds

Horses are social animals that do best in environments that offer them opportunities to interact with other horses. However, it’s important that the group of horses that are turned out together have minimal aggression to allow them to bond with one another. University of Iceland researchers Hrefna Sigurj√≥nsd√≥ttir and Hans Haraldsson studied 426 Icelandic horses […]

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Biting The Hand That Feeds You: Food Aggression In Horses

Feeding a horse that is food-aggressive can be scary: The horse quickly comes at the person with the food (or at another horse) with teeth bared, with what seems like no qualms about biting the hand the feeds him. Food aggression can be grouped into three broad categories: true aggression, learned food aggression and extreme […]

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Abnormal Aggression In Horses Typically Triggered By Humans

Aggression occurs naturally in horses; it’s typically centered around establishing dominance and hierarchy within a herd. Aggression can be influenced by bloodlines, hormone levels, nervous system structure and human interaction, but there is also abnormal aggression, which can include self-directed aggression and aggression to offspring. Two Polish researchers, Katarzyna Olcsak and Czeslaw Kloceck, described in […]

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