Some Ancient Equines Were Couch Potatoes

A study from the University of Cincinnati has shown that prehistoric horses in North America didn’t migrate for food or water like Mongolian wild horses and Plains zebras did.┬áThe research used geochemical analysis of fossil teeth to prove that the Florida landscape provided everything the horses could need in a small geographic area nearly 5 […]

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Equine Antibodies May Provide Post-Exposure Ebola Treatment For People

Melbourne scientists have discovered a new post-exposure treatment for Ebola in an unusual place: antibodies from horses, reports the Mumbai Mirror. A measure researchers feel will be effective, economical and rapid, equine antibodies could easily be used in the next Ebola outbreak. Alexander Khromykh, Professor at University of Queensland (UQ) in Australia, noted that this […]

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Everything Old Is New Again: Battling “Old World” Equine Diseases

“Old World viruses” are those that were thought to have originated before the discovery of the Americas. Most were thought to have been irradiated long ago, but recently “Old World viruses” have been linked to a surprising amount of neurological problems in horses. Most of these Old World alphaviruses have been identified in Africa and […]

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