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Improving The Veterinary Referral Process

Your horse is colicking. Banamine and walking are not enough to quell his discomfort, so your veterinarian advises you to send your horse into a clinic, likely under the care of a specialist or other veterinarian for advanced attention, which could include surgery. While it gives an owner comfort that the horse is receiving the […]

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Aging Equines: The “New” Old

As the saying goes, you’re only as old as you feel. Some horses age more quickly than others. Erica Larson, news editor for The Horse, explained in a recent blog post that one horse at a barn she once worked at was a Morgan gelding who, by his mid-20s, was in such failing health the […]

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Horses and Heaves: How and Why

It’s common to walk through a barn and hear a horse cough, especially in the winter when barns are closed to protect from the cold and wind and inevitably dustier. But if the coughing is repeated or persistent, it could be the sign of a chronic breathing problem caused by confinement in a dusty setting. […]

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The 12 days of veterinary Christmas wishes

The Horse has compiled a list of 12 “Christmas Wishes” by veterinarians for their horse owning clients and the equines they love so dearly. Among the topics are cardiological care, nutritional considerations and a wider menu of physical therapy options. The Horse has compiled a list of 12 “Christmas Wishes” by veterinarians for their horse […]

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GOOD NEWS FRIDAY sponsored by Liberation Farm: FREE TO A GOOD HOME

By Ray Paulick Antony Beck saw the writing on the wall just before the 2008 Keeneland November breeding stock sale. Overstocked breeders were trying to sell mares they no longer wanted or planned to breed, and an economic calamity was reducing demand for their product. Beck worried what might become of so many of […]

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