Kentucky Equine Drug Research Council

Study Suggests Need For Another Revision To Uniform Drug Guidelines

Recommended withdrawal guidelines for detomidine, commercially known as Dormosedan, may face review after a recent study suggested horses could test positive while adhering to the withdrawal guidelines, depending on the dose they receive. The current guideline from the Racing Medication Testing Consortium suggests the threshold for a positive be set at 2ng/ml in urine and […]

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Kentucky One Step Closer To Uniform Medication Rules With Council Vote

Kentucky regulators came a step closer to bringing the state’s regulations in line with the National Uniform Medication Program (NUMP) on Tuesday afternoon when the Kentucky Equine Drug Research Council voted to approve drug classifications, penalty schedules, withdrawal guidelines and thresholds set out by the Racing Medication and Testing Consortium. Kentucky has been partially in line […]

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Devil ‘In The Details’: Veterinary ‘Pitfalls’ In Model Rule For Out Of Competition Testing

Dr. Andy Roberts, a long-time racetrack veterinarian in Kentucky, believes testing horses for illegal drugs outside of a race can be an important step in getting rule-breakers out of the game. However, he does not want to see horsemen asked for a muscle biopsy, hoof trimming or even a semen sample from a young colt […]

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Kentucky Equine Drug Research Council To Examine Disparities With RCI

As racing continues its struggle toward the adoption of uniform medication policies from state to state, the Kentucky Equine Drug Research Council has resolved to reexamine 170 discrepancies between its drug code and the model rules suggested by the Association of Racing Commissioners International. At a meeting on Friday, the council agreed to study the […]

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It’s Always Something: Regulators Monitoring Abuse Of New Equine Drug

As any racing chemist will tell you, the business of regulating medication use and halting its abuse on the track is a tireless one. During a meeting this week of the Kentucky Equine Drug Research Council, regulators made decisions on how to regulate the use of GABA (gamma aminobutyric acid, also known as Carolina Gold) […]

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Drug Research Council Advances Cobalt, GABA Guidelines For Kentucky Racing

At a meeting on Tuesday, the Kentucky Equine Drug Research Council voted to advance threshold recommendations for cobalt and GABA (gamma aminobutyric acid, also known as Carolina Gold) for consideration by the state’s racing commission.  Members of the council agreed unanimously on the GABA recommendation, which aligned with the Racing Medication Testing Consortium’s suggested 110 parts […]

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Regulators Continue Struggle to Establish Accurate Cobalt Threshold

North American racing regulators have decided to consider the results of two scientific research studies that have been commissioned to help detect the deliberate administration of cobalt in racehorses before making a formal recommendation of a regulatory testing limit to commission testing. At the RCI Model Rules Committee meeting last week, a proposed threshold was […]

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Jockey Club Proposes New Lasix Study

The Jockey Club has proposed a study to test the effectiveness of furosemide, also known as Lasix, in different time periods before the race. According to a story in The Louisville Courier-Journal, this proposal has been met with some criticism. The study would conduct simulated races between horses who had been given Lasix four hours […]

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Kentucky Committee Signs Off on Uniform Medication Rules

The Kentucky Equine Drug Research Council signed off on a proposal for uniform medication rules for therapeutic drugs on Tuesday ahead of an upcoming meeting of the state’s racing commission. The guidelines, which have been accepted in a number of Mid-Atlantic states, were debated at length with the main point of contention being a 14-day […]

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