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Remembering Barbaro: ‘Grief Is The Price We Pay For Love’

“I think in the end, his will to survive became the backbone of his popularity,” wrote jockey Edgar Prado in My Guy Barbaro: A Jockey’s Journey Through Love, Triumph and Heartbreak with America’s Favorite Horse. “The worst imaginable obstacles had been thrown in his path, but he refused to give in. People could find inspiration […]

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O’Meara: ‘Time to Rethink the 3-Year-Old Season?’

Every year, it seems, as the current crop of 3-year-olds embark on the Triple Crown trail, there always is at least one voice that calls for a ‘change in the system’. Usually that change involves either adding more time in between each race in the series, or shortening the distance of each race. Brendan O’Meara […]

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O’Meara: Googling ‘milkshake’ like Googling ‘Google’

Brendan O’Meara writes at Horse Race Insider about his disbelief of Dennis O’Neill’s claim that he and his brother, trainer Doug O’Neill, had to Google the term ‘milkshake.’  He says that idea is about as believable as “Snooki having to Google the term ‘promiscuity.’ Mark McGuire Googling ‘steroids,’ Tony Soprano Googling ‘whacking,’ Pete Rose Googling […]

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O’Meara: Is Super Saturday a gathering of armies against the BC?

Horse Race Insider Brendan O’Meara writes that Belmont Park’s “Super Saturday” October 1 – with its five Grade 1’s and a Grade 2 – is a throwback to the original Breeders’ Cup.  Hmmmm.  Or, considering NYRA’s recent history with the Breeders’ Cup, is it a throw forward – a shot across the bow, so to […]

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Brendan O’Meara premieres “Six Weeks in Saratoga”

During the early days of the Paulick Report, I would often spend an afternoon live blogging on big race weekends while watching TVG or HRTV. I was forced to miss one particularly interesting racing weekend (I think it was time for the lawn’s annual mowing), and a young, up-and-coming turf writer from upstate New York, […]

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HRI – O’Meara: Things don’t look good for PDI #3 Uncle Mo

Horse Race Insider Brendan O’Meara gives his take on the prospect for Uncle Mo making it to the Derby, considering his lack of racing experience and his poor performance in the Wood Memorial: “Should we be surprised that Uncle Mo was flatter than the earth circa 1400? And we need to stop thinking that just […]

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HRI – O’Meara: Boycott the Derby

Horse Race Insider Brendan O’Meara writes that racing fans who are disillusioned with high takeout or issues such as the Life At Ten incident have two choices:  Either quit the game or make a statement: “And what better statement could be made than by sticking it right to the heart of horse racing and Kentucky? […]

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HRI – O’Meara: Pope is right on

In a new blog post, Horse Race Insider Brendan O’Meara follows up on the piece by Fred Pope that appeared this week on the Paulick Report. Pope proposed a new tote system that would eliminate set purses and instead, would reward connections based on the amount wagered on a particular race – incentivizing owners to […]

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Vinery LTD presents the Paulick Derby Index: Switching Gears

It’s that time of year again. Nearly everyone in horse racing gets Derby Fever, and the Paulick Report is no exception. The debate over Horse of the Year between Zenyatta and Blame was the No. 1 story from the time the two crossed the finish line heads apart in the Breeders’ Cup Classic until the […]

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