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Kirkpatrick & Co. Presents In Their Care: Longtime Blacksmith Norman Devoted To ‘Way Of Life’

No one would blame Steve Norman if he retired tomorrow. He is 67. He has been a blacksmith for 49 years. Kate, his wife of 35 years, would welcome the opportunity to spend more time with him. So would their three daughters — Sarah, Samantha and Meredith – and his three grandchildren. Norman has nothing […]

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Vet Rebuts Casner: Lasix Use Does Not Compromise A Horse’s Musculoskeletal System

Because Bill Casner has a deserved reputation as a fine owner and breeder of racehorses, I read with interest his article “Studies Show Some Therapeutic Medications Do More Harm Than Good,” appearing in the October 8, 2019, issue of the Paulick Report. I also did so because a significant part of my 30-year professional career […]

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Casner: Studies Show Some Therapeutic Medications Do More Harm Than Good

Arthur Hancock’s powerful Op-Ed challenge “If Not Drugs, Then What is Causing Fatal Injuries?” spurred me to share some science that in my opinion makes the answer blatantly obvious. Recently, in preparation for a meeting, I gathered studies and data off of PubMed (National Public Medical Library) that pertained to  “therapeutic meds” that we routinely […]

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A Second Career On The Racetrack? Why Flat Runners Sometimes Excel As Steeplechasers

In this two-part series, Denise Steffanus explores the factors that enable flat-racing Thoroughbreds to excel in second careers as steeplechasers, competing over jumps at distances up to three miles while carrying 140 to 158 pounds every few weeks. How does a trainer discover their flat racer may be good at steeplechasing? How can steeplechasers stay […]

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Casner: Kentucky Downs Has Led The Way On Historical Horse Racing

There isn’t much I haven’t done, seen or experienced in the horse racing industry, including being a racetrack owner as a partner in Kentucky Downs. And the rise of Kentucky Downs is one of the most important developments in Kentucky racing in this decade and one I am most proud of. The Kentucky Horse Racing […]

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Horses, Like People, Have Luxury Awaiting Them In Dubai

Sheikh Mohammad knows how to throw a party. So if he invites you to come race your horse in Dubai on World Cup day, you’re in for the time of your life. “They roll out the red carpet. Every time we go there, it’s just a fabulous experience,” said Bill Casner, whose Well Armed won […]

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Combating A Culture Of Cheating: A Matter Of Trust

(First in a two-part series.) Horse racing has a culture of cheating. Its problem is drugs. It’s what the public calls doping. The methods differ, as do the drugs. At one end of the spectrum, horsemen and veterinarians inject horses on race day with a wide variety of drugs or other foreign substances. This practice is […]

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Casner Inducted Into Texas Cowboy Hall Of Fame ‘On The Back Of A Horse’

“Horseman’s horseman” Bill Casner is set to be inducted into the Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame on Thursday, Jan. 12. The Cowboy Hall of Fame “honors those men and women who have excelled in the sport and business of rodeo, and the western lifestyle in Texas.” Perhaps best-known as the co-founder of WinStar Farm, Casner […]

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Think Before You Rake: Racetrack Horsekeeping May Not Help Respiratory Health

There’s a lot going on in a racing stable to get a person sneezing — shaking out straw bedding, raking loose dirt aisles, sweeping dusty feed rooms. Research and commentary presented at the recent Welfare and Safety of the Racehorse Summit suggested many traditional components of horsekeeping at the track could be wreaking havoc on […]

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