O’Neill dismayed by Chenery’s criticism

by | 05.29.2012 | 3:57pm

Andrew Cohen at the Atlantic wrote about Secretariat owner Penny Chenery's opinions of I'll Have Another's connections. Chenery said owner J. Paul Reddam should be embarrassed by his choice of trainer, given Doug O'Neill's record of medication violations.

Trainer Doug O'Neill responded at the New York Post, saying he was dismayed by the criticism and thought Chenery would change her mind if she were to see him work.

“It's disappointing because of how much respect I have for Mrs. Chenery,” O'Neill said Tuesday. “I would love to have her hang out with me for a week and would stress to her, ‘Don't believe everything that is written.'”

  • Cliff

    What a difference from 2008. It’s not even a 12-hour news cycle. The Atlantic story broke, Ray & others blogged, O’Neill is out with a response. And it’s a good response.
    Thank you Messrs Dutrow & Iavarone for blazing the trail.

  • Rufusous

    O’Neill is considering giving Ms. Chenery a statue of Burna Dette to try to prove to everyone that he’s got a heart.

  • Stanley inman

    The reason Doug is so lovable
    is because he reminds us of our old friend
    Eddie Haskell
    Doug betrays his credibility by always saying what can’t be proven;
    Instead of what can prove his honesty.

  • Stanley inman

    Should have read, ” what can’t be disproven”

  • Cynster

    I am just as upset with owner Reddam’s way of running his business, charging 184% interest, and doging the usury laws by having a bank on an Indian reservation originate the loans, and then by “buying” these loans from that bank.
    To hear the pandering TV announcers on TVG praise Rdeeam makes me ill…jist goes to show that money can bypass morality at every stage of the deal.

  • Cynster

    Sorry about the spelling mistakes in previous post…am typing with three broken fingers.

  • Damon Runyon

    As a business man, the guy is greed personified. Anything to make a fast buck.

  • David

    Between the owner and trainer, this isn’t exactly the totally warm and fuzzy story line NBC would like; good news the jock (appears) to qualify and I suspect that’s where you’ll see all the emphasis.  D Wayne Lucas and Mrs. Chenery demonstrate bad form, it’s the public’s prerogative to arrive at a conclusion devoid of their influence.

  • IrishMick

    So actually, O’Neill should be embarrassed that he is employed by a loan shark?

  • Stanley inman

    Irish Mick,
    No, no, no
    it’s the Indians
    (who sold the loans to the loan shark
    who hired the trainer
    Who swears on his Childs sight
    Whose mother claims he was just a C student
    And whose shopping for a hot tub)

    Who are embarrassed
    As they take the morning line for fans at their casino.

  • Pjleft

    Sounds like you owe somebody soem money!

  • Cynster

    No, I got my fingers caught in the car window when my dog , who was in the passenger seat, stood on the button…..OOOUUUUCCCCHHHHH!!!

  • Canarse

    Chenery has watched her movie too many times.  She should keep her mouth closed.  From what I know of the horse/racing business it’s highly unlikely that she or her family are squeaky clean.

  • Concerned Observer

    Doug’s mother should have told him what our mother told us.

    ” Don’t do anything you would not want to read on the front page of the newspaper.”

    He did it anyway,….. and now he wants to burn the papers.

  • MSD

    Sure, O’Neill’s record is shakey but it doesn’t matter. What Mrs. Chenery said was wrong and she shouldn’t have said it. Plus, have some respect for the horse. 
    I still have a lot of respect for this woman and I still think she is a great ambassador for the sport, but in this case she needed to keep those thoughts to herself. 

  • Gaited Filly

    My dog stands on the remote and changes the channels

  • IrishMick

    OK, I get it – But only after I googled it.

  • Mred01


  • McGov

    Hope you’re feeling ok…but that is funny as hell.

  • Show me the Money !

    How many joints were tapped on Burna Dette between 7/21 (Del Mar) and 8/6 at Los Alamitos ?  I’m sure Burna Dette was dismayed to be loaded on a trailer and taken cross town to run in a $2,000 claiming race after being claimed for way more a few races earlier by O’Neil.  I guess the $6,020 O’Neil stood to gain by winning and getting claim far outweighed the risk of running a cripple.  Anyone who was watching that night (I was) could see the mare was OFF during the post parade.  The state vet who was working that night should be flipping burgers at Burger King because they obviously saw the horse was off then looked in the program and saw it was O’Neil and turned the other way…or the vet must be a cow or pig vet who has no clue what a lame horse looks like.  O’Neil is a punk who refuses to own his past.  Saying “ive made mistakes” is not enough.”  I’ll be rooting for the horse to win the Triple Crown but I’ll be rooting against O’Neil.

  • Tallstar2006

    glad someone said it – also heavily advertises on TVG – so he can get broken-down gamblers to hock their eye-balls.

  • Cynster

    When you are 90 years old, I believe that you can say whatever you wish to. In a nutshell, I think all would agree that Doug O’Neill and Paul Reddam are perhaps not the best ambassadors for the SPORT, but are examples of how people survive in the BUSINESS of horse racing, where you take whatever risk you legally can, you push the envelope as far as you can, and look as horses as simply livestock that are part of a business inventory. As I have learned from enduring a comprehensive tax audit, there is no room for compassion in an IRS acceptable business plan…[did you know that you cannot deduct the cost of maintaining retired horses on your farm?]
    We get to enjoy the SPORT of horse racing at the highest levels, where the financial rewards support the costs, but at the claiming levels, the costs of running a BUSINESS can become overwhelming…and people can make economic choices that are not always morally acceptable. Hope I was able to communicate this in a non-judgmental fashion.

  • Tallstar2006

    What you say is 100% true – but as my Mother would say – some people have “class” and other’s do not. If you are that desparate to get rid of a horse for $2,000 and indanger the life of the jockey – YOU DO NOT BELONG IN THE BUSINESS!

  • Citation1012

    If IHA wins the Belmont and Disney wants to make a movie, I have a few suggestions.  The owner can be played by Madoff or the ‘tan man’ from the old Countrywide Mortgage Co.  There is no shortage of people to play the trainer, such as…H. Lector or Freddy Kruger.

  • Rich

     I agree. She ran Riva Ridge into the ground as a three year old and then ran Secretariat as a three year old twice when he was sick and once when he had a slight fever.

  • Forthegood

    Among the cast of many characters in the world of horse racing, Penny Chenery has been a strong and positive force.  The fact that reporters continue to seek her out to give her opinion at 90 years young shows the influence she still has.  Let her speak her mind.  As for O’Neil, he may have been caught off guard by his new found fame and the glare of the spotlight and scrutiny in examining his training record.  Since there are no do-overs for past sins, its up to him to prove worthy of the admiration and respect he seeks.  I’ll Have Another has proven he’s worthy. 

  • Gtony63

    Reddam should have hired Turo Escalante to trin this horse…a no nonsense trainer if there ever was one!

  • Skip Ean

    Agreed.  I could care less that O’Neill’s feelings were hurt by Mrs. Chenery.  He is such an actor.  When he gets thrown out of racing with the other big bad boy druggers, he definitely has a career on the stage.

  • Skip Ean

    No–she was right in what she said, and the more people who speak up against drugging in racing, the faster the public will catch on and stop going to tracks.  I do have tremendous regard for IHA, but unfortunately i believe his name will be muddied because of his trainer and owner.  Remember Big Brown?  He doesn’t get respect because of the maggot Dutrow.  The same thing can happen to IHA, but i hope it does not.  If he wins, and I hope he does, i hope he gets the recognition he deserves and gets to retire to stud away from these two miscreants.

  • Antigone

    This controversy surrounding IHA’s connections reminds me of the good ol’ days when Affirmed won the Triple Crown.    He was owned and bred by Louis Wolfson – who had spent a year in federal prison for financial related crimes (which also resulted in the resignation of a Supreme Court Justice…).   And maybe I’m being too cynical in my old age, but how clean was Laz Barrera?     Somethings never change.

  • Calibob

    How clean was Laz Barrera? You have to do some research.

    Laz trained champions for decades, and in all that time he was found to have ONE medical positive. And that particular allegation was later brought under serious doubt.

  • Tinky

    It is astounding how many people believe that there is necessarily a close correlation between “medical positives” and cheating.

    How many such positives did OSCAR Barrera have? The authorities hadn’t even devised a test for what he was using by the time that they forced him to stop!

  • Olebobbowers

    Drug doesn’t need to buy a hot tub, he’s already in enough hot water with a couple Racing Commissions.

  • Olebobbowers

    Show, God Bless you for your truthful post. Between you, and Ms.Chenery, Drug O’Neil has been exposed for the world to see. I will NEVER forget, nor forgive, the horror he put Burna Dette through, as she lay thrashing under the bright lights shining down, blinding her as in the final moments of her life, she tried to figure out what was taking place. Drug does deserve credit however, for collecting $2,000 for her carcass, the one he created through his personal greed. Don’t worry Burna Dette, you will never be forgotten by decent humans, for your gallant efforts when you were sound, through which you earned $136,700. Karma’s a comin’ girl. No way your murder will just be swept under the carpet. Us actual horse lovers will not settle for that.

    God Bless you Ms.Chenery, for standing up for horse racing. It was extremely gallant of you.

  • Barry Irwin

    You just had to bring The Beaver into this, didn’t you! You just couldn’t leave Wally and The Beav out of this, huh? Jesus H. Christ on a pogo stick, what’s next, The Oz, Rickey and David Nelson? Is there no end to this Stanley?

  • Barry Irwin

    Yeah, but Escalante probably would have run it for a low tag to cash a bet and lost the colt. Bad idea.

  • Barry Irwin

    Cynster won’t come clean. He borrowed $5,000 from CashCall, was more than $65,000 in arrears on his interest payments and he received a little visit over the weekend from a couple of the boys.

  • Bellwether

    great ambassador???…hadn’t been one of those since BILL VEECK DIED!!!…


    Doug you are a CHEATER, a BS’er and a poor excuse for a human being.  You do not deserve being a trainer any more than some of the others that are fighting in the court system to keep training. If you are dismayed with my blog call me I will take a ride to So Cal and we can discuss your feelings of dismay. Oh yes, we can let Sadler mediate our talk.  He understands CHEATING!!  Maybe Vienna can be your counsel.

  • And June said to Ward “Don’t be so hard on the Beaver”

  • All 3 of mine do. too!

  • Calibob

    Laz Barrera’s positive was later reversed, and a retraction of the allegation was made.

    Anyhow, I was responding to the comment about Laz, not Oscar. In any case, you seem to be saying that despite no “positives” Laz may have certainly “cheated”. Would you care to explain what you mean?

  • Tink’sahack

    didn’t you use to train horse? what are you doing now besides posting this garbage? sore loser

  • Tink’sahack

    used the $65,000 to buy 10% of a horse barry paid $50,000 for. who’s the crook?

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