No Crowds Here: Preakness Field Expected to Be Light

by | 05.12.2013 | 9:29am
Preakness 2012 post draw with Ms Preakness

In contrast to this year's Kentucky Derby, which initially drew 20 entries and an also-eligible, officials at the Maryland Jockey Club expect the Preakness field to come in below the 14-horse limit.

Eight horses are currently committed to running in the race, with the confirmation of Mylute on Saturday. The Maryland Jockey Club's Coley Blind said he expects the field to settle at 12, which would be fine with him.

“Twelve great competitors would be better than 14 so-so competitors,” he told the Baltimore Sun. He said he believes that part of the reduced number is due to the deep quality of the field, and particularly the perceived talent of Kentucky Derby winner Orb.

The Preakness post position draw will be held on Wednesday.

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  • Big Red

    what a disappointment the Preak is turning out to be. looks like a typical allowance race (except for ORB) at old hilltop.

    • B/c its a crappy track no good owners and trainers want to go there. Move it and they will come.

  • sad, I bet if the move the race to other track they would get better horse. Pimlico is a crappy track and worst area. Move the race to Delaware or Penn and you will get a better race. Just my idea,

    • Your idea is ludicrous! You obviously know very little about racing, track conditions, or Baltimore neighborhoods. You assert that the track is in a “worst” area, which if judged only by your grammar, would render your opinion worthless. But, that is probably a cheap shot on my part, Ashley. Seriously, please take the time to learn more about Pimlico, it’s neighborhood, and the men and women who toil there, before you launch a broadside against them.

      • Thank U Mr. Singer…Very much…

        • Where the hell do you live?? I am born and raised in MD, its “junk”.

      • Eric I have been there and I would never go back. That place is a mess and the only way to clean it up is to take it down.

    • Never happened as MJC owns the race…Maybe Laurel Park…

    • oldbay

      Crappy track? On the east coast the surface at Pimlico is second best. With Laurel being number one. Parx would be behind Charles Town and Delaware inconsistent. Obviously someone who knows nothing. Besides neither Parx or Delaware would allow it because it would take too many of their slot players parking places away.

      • Have you ever been Saratoga!!! How many times have you been to Pimlico??


    Sounds like they want to make it as easy as possible for Orb to win, has it gotten this bad that America has to manufacture triple crown winners ? How Horrible

    • Beach

      The Derby is not easy because the field is always so big and talented, and of course there’s always a chance of slop(fulfilled this year). But, I think the Belmont is the true kicker for the Triple Crown–it’s not for sissies.

    • Ron

      You should see the size of the fields in the Preakness and Belmont Secretariat and Affirmed ran against.

    • Lost In The Fog

      So did they “manufacture” a triple crown winner when Secretariat faced only five other horses in the Preakness and only four other competitors in the Belmont?

      Or how about when Affirmed was part of a field of seven in the Preakness and a field of only five in the Belmont?

      • Exactly. People today forget that the fields for the Preakness and Belmont used to always be small. How about 1982 when only SEVEN were in the Preakness even though the Derby winner, Gato Del Sol did NOT race in it because as I remember (please correct me if I’m wrong) the owners were afraid of running him over a hugely speed-favoring Pimlico strip (Aloma’s Ruler won that Preakness in wire-to-wire fashion while Gato Del Sol had a later claim to fame as I believe being the first horse ever to earn $1 million in a season without winning a race in 1984 as a five year old).

    • Haven’t had one in 35 years…That’s an absurd statement…

  • harry

    The most that can compete is 14 horses. They have 12 or so says Mr.Blind. What’s the problem???? 60% of 20 horse field in Derby were owners who just wanted to say “I ran a horse in the Derby” knowing they had no chance to win or even hit the board. Orb did not scare many horses away only the so-called choices who ran terrible in Derby. I don’t even understand this article why Ray would write something like this!!!! If Orb wins Preakness lets see how big Belmont field will be in size other than Pletcher horses???

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