British Jockey Thrilled With Derby Day Experience

by | 05.07.2013 | 8:31am

Jockey Ryan Moore, one of the leading riders in England for several years and a winner of the Investec Epsom Derby (Eng-I) on Workforce, rode in the Kentucky equivalent for the first time last Saturday and was greatly impressed.

Moore rode Lines of Battle for trainer Aidan O'Brien in the Kentucky Derby, piloting the UAE Derby (UAE-II) winner to a seventh-place finish. In his weekly column for Betfair, Moore wrote, “I can honestly say that the Kentucky Derby (last) weekend was the best day's racing I have ever experienced; it was different class, on another level to what I have seen, or been involved in, anywhere else around the globe.”

Moore added, “”They say that the Melbourne Cup is the race that stops a nation, and it's obviously a very big deal in Australia, but this was something else I can assure you. No comparison at all.”

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  • PNkt

    Irish jockey??? Ryan Moore was born in Brighton, Sussex and has lived in England all his life!

    • He’s a Limeee!!!…Its very admirable of Ryan to say that about “The Derby” cause it is one hell of a party and going on 140 years old, one hell of a Horse race…Even those greedy clowns @ cdi couldn’t screw that up…ty…

      • Don Reed

        Settle down, both of you. He’s from Talkeetna, Alaska, & went to prep school in Bosnia.

  • Beach

    I’m not from Kentucky so I would not presume to speak for the “natives”, :-) but I would love to see more people like Ryan Moore ride over here, and/or ride more often. We have great jockeys in America but it is always fun to watch international competition. I’m frankly surprised there’s not more crossover the pond between, say, the UK/Ireland and NY/Maryland; or, on the other coast, Japan and CA. Why not? It might be fun…

  • johnthekiwi

    With all due respect to a great jockey NOTHING compares to the Melbourne Cup in terms of the way it galvanizes the population of a country. The average Aussie is so much more informed and knowledgeable about racing and is a much more active punter than here in the US. Couple that with the fact that at 2 miles and on turf even with a big number going to the post you can make a case for the favored horses. The Derby is a dodgem car race for 3 yo’s that have never run the trip and never been in a filed that size. I love the TC races but I will spend a day handicapping the race at Flemington on the first Tuesday in November but only an hour for the first Saturday in May.

  • Don Reed

    “The average Aussie is so much more informed and knowledgeable about racing and is a much more active punter than here in the US.”

    Agreed, completely. I recently cancelled my TVG account, and the only thing I’m going to miss about it – what will make its absence a genuine sacrifice (sorry, Peter) – are the Australian racing feeds.

    Why they can’t just set up a direct link to a U.S. TV cable station is beyond me. The Australia
    tourism industry is ignoring a fabulous opportunity to advertise its country’s many attractions, including its numerous race tracks (friends of ours went to DU and came back raving about the Aussie racetrack experience. And they live in SARATOGA).

    It would more than pay for itself, with the down time filled in with infocommercials and other
    lucrative options. My current cable, FIOS, has a thousand channels (that number includes dozens of duplicate channels) and about six are worth looking at, so channel availability isn’t the problem.

    Can’t someone in Melbourne get off his butt & do something about this?

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