Where do you stand on Aqueduct inner track racing?

by | 12.01.2010 | 9:58am

As Nick Kling of The Troy Record states, there two ways to look at winter racing in New York. Either you ignore it completely for Gulfstream, Tampa Bay Downs or Santa Anita or you find the challenge of handicapping Aqueduct's inner track a rite of passage each winter. Where do you stand? And more importantly, why?

  • Anne

    I do not think winter racing is great for the horses but it is what it is. I wonder if Mr. Kling would have even added SA if it was still a synthetic track? There are a lot of issues to look at with winter racing besides what is left here to run…people…people and jobs. With what is happening today, at least it is saving their jobs. I am talking about the grooms and backstretch workers, not the ones like Charlie “over paid” H. and crew.
    I also wish, they could find a better race caller for the months Durkin is away. It just adds insult to injury listening to John call a race. I know he is a nice guy but that doesn’t make it enjoyable on a cold winters day.

  • One thing I took note of right away when reading the article, is that : The track is now offering more racing for those who DON’T want to race in a claiming race. ALL-RIGHT !!!!!!
    I hope thier Inner Track idea will work out & that they will prosper.
    In a tough economy , travel & exspenses are very high, having the Inner Track will help the horsemen , the workers , the state & the horse industry as a whole.(hay , feed, tack, vets, etc )
    I think it is important to remain IN the sport. Good luck going forward !

  • South of the Border

    Seeing that today’s card was cancelled today, I say shut the track down on December 1st and reopen on March 1st.

  • Andrew B

    Hate it but if it takes them 10 years just to chip off the old paint in the grandstand god only knows how long it will take to fix the inner track problem.

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