TVG’s The Works: Amoss Talks Drugs in Horse Racing

by | 10.28.2014 | 10:48am
Trainer Tom Amoss

On the final TVG Breeders' Cup Works Show presented by Remington Park, trainer Tom Amoss takes time to address the serious subject of medication violations in Thoroughbred Racing.

Tom makes an impassioned and thoughtful case for fairness when it comes to Medication violations. He emphasizes that for proper justice to be meted out, the industry and those who report on it must recognize not all Medication violations are the same.

Watch below.

  • greg

    He should know, he’s trying to get sympathy for when they FINALLY bust him!!! Defending the indefensible, can’t 1 of the 4 agree there’s illegal drugs being used daily??

    • Chris Lowe

      That’s a rhetorical query, right? We are talking TVG, whose last investigative report focused on how in the hell Ken Rudolph came up with Giacomo.

      • Tinky

        I didn’t see the oroginal comment, but your response is funny nevertheless!

      • AngelaFromAbilene

        I think you’re forgetting their “investigative report” on the Mute Rudolph case and his owners silks.

  • jim

    Just more of the same thing ! Bute 24 hr out dont make a horse sound enough to race he should not be there!

  • Tinky

    Two points:

    This is essentially a red herring; the real problem is that the vast majority of cheating is done with substances that aren’t even tested for (most recently Cobalt).

    Sustaining multiple violations involving “therapeutic” drugs is damning, no matter what Mr. Amoss would like you to believe. Those who push the envelope (to put it politely) are far more likely to come up with positives, and they do. Baffert, O’Neil, Sadler, Rick Dutrow, and the list goes on.

    • Larry Ensor

      Spot on as always Tinky

  • Greg J.

    Damn poppy seeds! SMH…

  • Http

    Trainers shouldn’t have their horses near the max limit. They are just trying to get an advantage by pushing the limit.
    Did you ever notice that frank brother’s best horses didn’t use LASIX at the age of two ? Good students pay attention to details. How long will it take tom to figure that out ?
    Peeka Peeka choooo

    • I like Frank

      Did you notice Frank got run out of the business because he refused to cheat and his numbers were down?

  • Needles

    The problem with Amoss’ take is that a lot of trainers hide behind the “mistake in the barn” excuse because they push the withdrawl times. Fact: Giving Bute 18 hours out instead of 24 hours out gives that horse an advantage. Fact: Giving a horse robaxin 1 day out instead of 2 days out gives that horse an advantage. Fact: Tapping a horse with cortisone 5 days out instead of 2 weeks gives that horse an advantage. Sorry, Tom. Buttoned up, clean barns do not get positive tests. Take it somehwere else.

  • peeping tom

    As I wrote in a previous post, I believe that the threshold for drug testing is so low is to give the higher-ups the opportunity to lower the boom on whoever they choose to (or not). Are you trying to tell me that the horses under the care of big name trainers don’t show this tiny, insignificant, miniscule trace of a the drugs in question? I bet they do show up but we don’t hear about it because they are not indicted by the racing dictators.

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