Trainer Moody Angered By Steroid Allegations

by | 05.07.2013 | 11:00am
Black Caviar

Trainer Peter Moody once again vehemently denied using peptides or any other steroids on his undefeated champion Black Caviar, or any of the horses that he trains.

According to an article in the Racing Post, there has been speculation in the Australian media that Moody's stable was under investigation for the use of peptides, a form of anabolic steroid used in bodybuilding.

Moody told the media that he felt “compelled” to make a statement after a Melbourne-based radio outlet, RSN Radio, suggested that “some of the biggest and best-known stables in the land” are currently under investigation.

“I can categorically say that I've never used the drugs they are talking about on any horse,” Moody said.

Read more at the Racing Post

  • Tinky

    “I can categorically say that I’ve never used the drugs they are talking about on any horse,” Moody said.

    In other words, he “did not have sex with that woman.”

  • jttf

    the brits are just angry because moody brought black caviar halfway around the world to frankel’s backyard and refused he to run against her.

    • Hopefieldstables

      This article reference complaints from the Aussie media (not the Brits)

      Refused to run against BC ?????????? Complete nonsense. Frankel never raced over 6f in his entire career.

      • jttf

        the brits were complaining about australian horses using steroids a week before the australians were. the brits are likely to bar any australian horses from running there. wow, there is such a big difference between 7f and 6f. maybe he didnt have any sprint rabbits to choose from.

        • Hopefieldstables

          This article was about the Aussie complaints against Moody. Was the Aussie media also angry at Moody for sending BC to beat the brits (following your logic) ? How asinine, so just maybe the Aussie media (and the brits) have a valid question to pose to Moody after all.

          The brits were complaining since 2008, long before Black Caviar. They complained because a horse who arrived there had actually tested positive for a steroid before an earlier race in Hong Kong. Valid question? of they “just angry” ?

          There is zero chance they will be barred and the BHA has already stated that. All horses are tested on arrival and once they pass, they can race. They have stated that policy will continue.

          Whether 6f or 7f it is totally irrelevant, Frankel never “refused” to race anyone, they were never entered, nor did they ever consider running in a race targeted by BC (and vice versa).

          Like your claim that Aussie horses will be barred, did you just make that up ?

          (PS if you knew anything about European racing you would know that pacemakers are used by the good horses to make the race more demanding not less. It favours the better over the rest. Never heard a bad horse employ a pacemaker yet)

  • Hopefieldstables

    Steroid use in training is legal in Australia (as it is in the US).

    When Moody was challenged by UK trainer Mark Johnston on steroid use (back in 2008) he responded:

    [If Johnston] “wants to train like they did 200 years ago, then good luck
    to him. You’ve got to look at every advantage within the rules of racing
    to get to the highest level.”

    Moody has been also quoted as follows :

    “Out of training, you can use them,” he said, “but then, obviously, come
    race-time, you’ve got to be clean. So you’re given threshold levels to
    work with and time-frames to work within.”

    But the loquacious Moody would now like us to believe he does not use them.

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