Palace Malice Will Be Stretching Out

by | 12.16.2013 | 6:35pm
Palace Malice, seen winning the Jim Dandy in 2013

Dogwood Stable has announced that Palace Malice will now train six days a week effective December 16. His regimen is being tightened from every-other-day exercise as he prepares for the 2014 season. Dogwood president Cot Campbell said that Palace Malice will go out at 8:30 a.m. every day but Sunday, and will continue to walk and graze at 1:30 each afternoon.

“The distance of his gallops is being increased gradually from a mile and an eighth to a mile and three-eighths, and he will have one three-eighths of a mile breeze on January 4, prior to departing for Florida on January 7,” Campbell said.

Palace Malice will go to Palm Meadows to trainer Todd Pletcher, where he will have the finishing touches applied for his 2014 debut in New Orleans in the $400,000 New Orleans Handicap on March 29.

“This colt is a horse of easy temperament. However, he is a big, strapping three-year-old race horse and on a cold morning, he can be a bit of a handful. Great credit goes to Gene Tucker who rides him daily. He could not be in better hands.”

“Also, I certainly salute Head Trainer Brad Stauffer, who is responsible for a very valuable animal during this two-month winter vacation. His groom, Daniel Negrete is one of the best and I am grateful to him,” Campbell declared.

“I'm also most appreciative of the large number of spectators who come to the barn and the clocker's stand to see the horse. They are consistently very considerate and it's a pleasure to have them. We've had visitors that have come for overnight stays in order to see the horse in the mornings and we are touched by that.”

“The town and the region have enjoyed the horse and Dogwood Stable has enjoyed that,” he said.

  • Terri Z

    He’s certainly a horse who can run long distances, as witnessed by his Belmont win. I wonder if they will run him in the Breeders Cup Marathon next year?

    • Amanda

      It would be great to see some “bigger” names in the Marathon, but I think its purse is only $500,000, compared to $5 million for the 1 & 1/4 Classic. I’m sure that’s a big factor for a lot of people with big name horses.

    • David Juffet

      He’s not stretching out in his races he’s stretching out in his training. He’s already run in the Belmont stakes that’s as far as you can stretch! Foget bc marathon that’s for plodders.

  • we’re watching

    I would give him to another trainer who has time to effectively manage this horse. Someone with a smaller stable.

    • David

      Yeah take him away from the game’s best trainer, with whom he won the Belmont. There’s some sound logic.

      • David Juffet

        You got that right!

  • Ida Lee

    Since Palace arrived at Dogwood, I have been waiting for good weather so I can get over there to see my boy but NOOOO… The weather is still iffy here in the mountains of NC. Double Drat !!! But whether I make it there or not in the next 2 weeks or so, I am so grateful that Mr. Campbell thinks enough of Palace’s fans to give us this opportunity to see this very special boy.

  • fb0252

    Will be interesting how Todd Plecher trains Palice Malice in 2014 given that PM kept coming up a little short. Assuming all is well–breathing, injuries, EIPH–will the trainer be able to get the talented horse over the hump. Best of luck to connections with this entertaining horse!

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