MAUREEN DOWD: Zenyatta and Cleopatra

by | 11.17.2010 | 12:48am

The legend of Zenyatta grows with every colorful word that is written about her.

In her latest New York Times column, Pulitzer Prize-winning author Maureen Dowd compares Queen Z to the legendary Egyptian queen, Cleopatra:

“In an era when it's hard for women to be powerful and flamboyant at the same time, to be uninhibited and unflappable, Zenyatta and Cleopatra are not merely legends, but role models. They dazzled with glamour, while fiercely and daringly pursuing shrewd strategies to win against the biggest, fastest, most competitive boys. Both divas were renowned for coming from behind, until those last heartbreaking times when they couldn't pull it off.”

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Read more at the New York Times.

  • John

    I’ve NEVER, EVER seen a horse touch the mainstream media like Zenyatta. The two closest were Secretariat and Seabiscuit, and they are not even close.

  • John

    Maureen Dowd is a political writer normally seen on CNN or MSNBC or Meet The Press…

  • Perfectly said, the great mare loses one race, just barely and she is not what’ they’ thought she was. She was and still is the very best of all the horses now running male or female, how anyone could deny that is unreasonable. I just recently watched the older talkie version of Cleopatra on dvd, indeed, there was this charm and intelligence, I was seduced just as the Romans were.

  • bob Hope

    Hold on there! Secretariat brought 3,500 women and children tjust to watch him breeze at Woodbine prior to his win in the Canadian International Championship. Then he packed the place for his devastating win on the turf at a mile and five eighths over the largest field ever to fill against him! This was in addition to his triple crown victories and an appearance on the front cover of Time Magazine! Nack quit writing about him too soon!

  • nick in malibu

    wow! now a maureen dowd column! zenyatta is the biggest star in the world of horse racing! honor her with horse of the year 2010!

  • Albany

    I finally found a Maureen Dowd column I could read without wanting to throw up.

  • ktq

    I remember Cigar leaving an impact outside of the racing world too. So cool (and rare) when those horses come along.

    They should pay them the salaries and forego paying these overpaid and underperforming marketing groups.

  • Aunt Bea

    Chicks diggin chicks!!

  • Anne

    This was a surprise! I can’t believe she even heard of Zenyatta with the kinds of political forces that keep her busy. Amazing at what Queen Z has accomplished for racing. Too bad we can’t do as much as she has for this game. I t hink they should have her be a traveling dignitary for the sport. That would be awesome and we would be able to continue our Zenyatta fixes. The way she loves people it just isn’t fair that she be in a paddock somewhere with a little know-it-all at her hip.

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