Jaws, Revisited: French Runner Tries To Take A Bite Out Of Rival Jockey

by | 09.05.2019 | 6:45pm
Palomba opens wide. Image via video published @Equidia on Twitter

Every now and then, photographers snap pictures of racehorses barring their teeth at rival horses, but this week, 3-year-old filly Palomba took things one step farther: she tried to take a bite out of a rival jockey.

In a race at Maisons-Laffitte, the 3-5 favorite was fighting off Lucky Lycra, piloted by Francois-Xavier Bertras when she decided there were easier ways to get to the front and got her teeth around the Bertras's sleeve, trying to gnaw him above the elbow.

Bertras was unharmed, and Lucky Lycra ultimately put away Palomba to win the race.

“My filly didn't flinch or break stride but she was quite surprised and didn't understand exactly what had happened,” Bertras told Racing Post. “You could say we were as shocked as each other.”


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