Final Time of Pacific Classic Questioned

by | 08.27.2013 | 3:15pm
Game On Dude looks to defend his title in the Pacific Classic

Game On Dude turned in a brilliant performance when winning the Grade 1 TVG Pacific Classic on Sunday, taking command early in the race and cruising to the wire to win by 8 1/2 lengths.

However, a discrepancy has been noticed in the final time of the race – the official chart lists the time as 2:00.69 for the 1 1/4 miles, whereas Trakus has the official time as 1:59.26.

Craig Milkowski, the head speed figure maker for TimeformUS believes the official chart is incorrect, and that it should be corrected to the Trakus figure. Milkowski has researched and compared the 2013 edition of the race to last year's running, and has evidence to back up his claim.

Read more at TimeformUS

  • Don Reed

    This is going to be a good one, with a dozen guys, each with his own personalized definition of the word “time,” debating the issue.

    We should forced them all to sit down and read Dava Sobel’s “Longitude” prior to voicing opinions.

  • Andrew A.

    Craig is one of the best if not the best at making figures and catching instances of inaccurate timing at various tracks. It is a much bigger problem than people think and I’m not sure that the tracks really care.

    As far as being a moderator not so much. LOL

  • DawnP

    Will this discrepancy last 40 years like Secretariat’s Preakness time did?

  • Biggar

    I would think that the runner ups would have run faster than 8.5 lengths behind a 107 speed rating, so a time discrepancy seems plausible.

  • Ida Lee

    Does this make a difference to the Mother of all things Dude? He kicked major butt by a lot!! I think that covers it all…

    • Lost In The Fog

      For whatever it’s worth, if the Trakus time of 1:59:26 is correct that would represent a new track record at Del Mar for the 1 1/4 mile distance.

      • Ida Lee

        You know what? You’re right…I don’t pay as much attention to track records as long as my favorite wins…but it most certainly adds to the fabulousness of the Super Dude’s run…I agree with the comment of one of the TVG anchors when he said that this race was the most “sublime race of the year”.

        • Lost In The Fog

          I’ve watched the replay several times and it seems more impressive with each viewing. When was the last time you’ve seen any horse completely decimate a full field of competitors in a G1 like that? It was awe inspiring whatever the final time and speed figure they settle on.

          • Sue M. Chapman

            Royal Delta in Delaware.

          • MA

            You missed the “full field” part.

      • Hoops and Horses

        And I think in that case, it would be a track record regardless of what surface was on Del Mar. Given we saw a Polytrack record in the Pat o’Brien two races earlier, 1:59 1/4 (1:59.26) seems to make sense in this case.

  • Walt Gekko

    Speaking of this, Beyer upped Game on Dude’s number on the Pacific Classic from 109 to 113. They did a frame-by-frame comparison between this year and last, and determined GoD was about a length slower than Dullahan was a year ago, with their final time being 1:59.74. While not as fast as the 1:59.26 Trakkus got, it is still considerably faster than the official time of the race (2:00.69).

  • Sue M. Chapman

    Del Mar seems to be experiencing lots of equipment failure. Could all the race times be invalid?

  • areallyniceguy

    maybe the outriders horse should be blamed for tripping the timer (charles town classic),just sayin.

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