Delaware Park cancels Wednesday’s card

by | 10.22.2012 | 9:39am

Delaware Park's live racing card for Wednesday, October 24, has been cancelled due to insufficient entries.

Live racing will be conducted today and is scheduled for Thursday, October 25.  First race post time is 1:15 p.m.

The races that filled for the Wednesday card will be brought back as extra races for the Thursday and Saturday cards.

  • That beautiful track needs HELP getting bodies in there???…ITS UNBELIEVEABLE!!!… 

  • Barney Door

     It is a nice facility.  The problem is probably related to the fact it is a horse racing venue.

  • Old Bay

    management just doesn’t care for racing.  They have chased everyone away.  There are rumors that it was sold.  People in the area can only hope.  Any new owner couldn’t possibly be any worse.

  • Ace

     Ha.  U funny.  But deadly accurate.

  • Those comments could be made concerning Calder and Puppet John Marshall…Problem is, instead of wanting to sell the place, they want everyone to suffer extreme hardships..

  • $200,000 in daily purses and no wants to race there.  Executive racing management is an embarrasment to the industry and reflective as to what has destroyed racing.  Ownership like most every racino knows where the profits are hopes eventually legislatures will end subsidies on racing.  Racinos do just enough to fool the public they care about racing, but behind the scenes it’s a different story.   Live handle at Delaware have dropped to as little as $20,000 a day.  They chose to race on better simulcast days which hasn’t worked at the expense of luring in fans on days like Sundays.  Like most racinos, the hard working people who supported racing have long been fired or pushed away in some corner without a voice.  Racinos have become the shame of the industry.

  • Ravenous

    The words of a guy who’s probably been excluded from the track for being a 10%er…LOL.

  • Csonka68

    Untill they hire someone to run racing that does not have to answer to Fasy racing has no shot,Fasy hates racing,horses and the people.

  • Recoop55

    Mr Rickman Sr….is turning in he’s grave. the wrong people with the wrong jobs, and these people know who you are, stand up to FASY…SHOW SOME BALLS… are going to lose your jobs anyway…after 23 years I moved up a mountian so I can watch below. shame…shame

  • Big Red

    Breeders Cup day may be the last “live” day ever at DP.
    The horsemen will not agree to a new contract in 2013 unless the ownership, management, and business model is changed.
    They were very lucky that the horsemen (what few were left) agreed to a last minute 1 year agreement in 2012.
    Too bad, it could have been nice.

  • Citation

    Of all the tracks I have been to, DP is by far the most beautiful.  However I cant justify driving 152 miles to see short fields, or have racing cancelled.  The Dupont’s certainly knew how to build a race track…1936{?}.  Someone with more knowledge must explain to me why DP has trouble attracting horse.  Pha, CT and Penn doesnt seem to have this problem.  It has a good location, with Chester Co. Pa, think Unionville, just to the north.  There are a lot of horse farms in that area.  I hope it still has racing, the casino will remain, and doesnt go away like Brandywine harness race track did.

  • No Penalties in Horse Racing

    Pope writes one of the worst condition books in the nation.  He doesn’t write races that go every day at Parx and Laurel with overfilled fields.

  • No Penalties in Horse Racing

    It’s a poor condition book and also it is very tough to win at Delaware.  Why run at Delaware when you can run at Penn National and have it be slightly easier for a similar purse?  Also, Pennsylvania and West Virginia have much better state bred programs than usually card at least one race a day.

  • Old Bay

     similar purse?  maybe 5 years ago.  Penn National purses are easily higher.

  • No Penalties in Horse Racing

    You are wrong.  They are very similar.  In fact, Delaware runs for more money for open maidens and the allowance races.  Each has a bottom purse of $12,000.  But don’t let facts get in the way of your vision.

  • Citation

    Thanks for the response, I hope the racing will survive.  They were the first to have a ‘racino’ in that area, long before PA and I think before CT.  Some great horses have raced there, Spectacular Bid and Kelso to name a few.

  • U2

    I wish they would  cancel the whole meet. Fasy has no interest in racing and it reflects on how he treats horsemen and the people who work their butts off in the racing office.  

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