Chantal Sutherland Back in the Saddle Friday at Woodbine

by | 06.05.2013 | 3:38pm
Jockey Chantal Sutherland

Jockey Chantal Sutherland, who retired from riding last fall, has been named on two horses at Woodbine on Friday.

The Daily Racing Form reports that Sutherland is named on Solidus in the fourth race and on As If I Care in the fifth. Sutherland has hired agent Don Parente to represent her at Woodbine.

“She'll be riding here Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays for now,” Parente told the DRF. “She still plans to ride at Del Mar.”

Read more in the Daily Racing Form

  • Guy Fleegman1

    This post has been up for 4 hours and not one comment…that shows the interest in this topic I reckon.

  • Guest

    I thought she had a deal with Del Mar where she had to make her first start back there??? I guess that was not true..

  • Guest

    You are right Guy, who cares!!!

  • JD


  • JD

    She got caught boozing then quickly retired last year. Miss innocence look all gone. She is simply a very very average rider.

    • vinceNYC

      she had wine…..we all cant be perfect as JD

  • Don Reed

    Wake me up when she gets into the Hall of Fame.

    • DavidB

      You’ll be like Rip Van Winkle.

      • Don Reed

        Judging by the non-attraction of the above event (CS returning as a jockey), I’d rather be Mel Brooks on his horse in “Blazing Saddles.”

    • Joe

      Why do you comment so much every time there’s an article about her, if you dislike her so much?

      • Don Reed

        I think that mediocrity being rewarded is objectionable.

  • MSD

    I wish her good luck and safe trips. She’s not a bad rider. Not great but not bad either. However, I’m sick of all her publicity. And I can tell you a lot of the other jockeys and trainers are too. She’s no Rosie and she’ll have a tough time getting mounts come Del Mar.

    • Don Reed

      She and Beadle would be a wonderful two-headed feature in The Ultimate Dumbed Down Kentucky Derby of 2014.

  • Ed

    I wish you all the best of luck.I think your one of the best jokey’s in the world. Good Luck!!!

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