Authorities Raid Illegal Racetrack in Texas

by | 10.13.2013 | 9:22am

Officials made nine arrests at the Rancho El Herradero Training Center in Crosby, Texas, on Saturday in connection with an illegal racing and gambling operation.

Six of the people arrested were law enforcement officers, who were providing security for the facility as it conducted illegal activities. All were charged with racing without a license, which could result in up to ten years in prison.

Owners of the training center deny that any gambling was taking place.

Neighbors of the training center reported seeing large crowds flock to the track on weekends.

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  • Concerned Observer

    Maybe we should investigate to see what they are doing to draw a crowd? That seems to be quite a challenge for many legit tracks.
    As Lincoln said, when told that General Grant was a drunkard, “Find out what he drinks and send a case to all my other Generals”.

    • AngelaFromAbilene

      The match races have been revived by the hispanic population [used to just be mostly rich old white men with oil or cattle $$$.] These new “illegal” tracks that are popping up all over Texas & New Mexico. Why do they draw such large crowds? It’s a festival atmosphere and a family event focused on who’s horse is the fastest. They also have good, cheap food, it’s BYOB and they are FUN. You never see horses break down. The horses are revered. Just owning one is considered a privelege. It is a whole lot like mainstream horseracing USED to be before it became all about the money. [I won’t comment on any “illegal gambling” as if it were “legal” in Texas, I’d be betting on/against our State Legislature and the upcoming elections.]

      • notacheater

        Hi Angela-while I appreciate your sincerity, the amount of illegal drugs in these horses systems is beyond your comprehension. Revered? Maybe not.

        • 14151617

          These are the testing sites for what can be put in them and not kill them.

          • AngelaFromAbilene

            You know NOT of what you speak.

          • 14151617

            Really.Check out some of the articles archived ucder Illegal Racing.

        • Casey

          And the ability of some people to love and enjoy their animals and the natural athletic ability of their horses, is something you have never experienced, and will never be able to comprehend.

        • AngelaFromAbilene

          Beyond my comprehenson? Really now. I know most of the people around here that participate in these and I KNOW they would never juice their horses. Revered? Definately.

        • AngelaFromAbilene

          As a matter of fact, I have a filly that due to paperwork is headed to the match races. I can guarantee you, she will NEVER see a legal, much less illegal drug. EVER. She goes on natural ability and talent. Feel free to contact me and test her whenever or wherever we go.

          • Equine Avenger

            Where can we contact you?

          • Roisin

            Sounds all good ! Well, my experience and that of many others is: If it sounds too good to be true then it probably is not true !!

  • AngelaFromAbilene

    It is not illegal to have “large crowds” at your place on the weekends. Hell, within 10 miles of our ranch, their are 2 farms that hold match races, 3 if you count the “Cowboy Match Horse Races” at the Western Heritage every year. It’s not illegal to say “my horse is faster than yours” and find out who’s is faster. Gambling is what is illegal and proving that is almost impossible unless they actually caught them in the act. Then again, this is Texas where if you have friends over for a weekly game of “Texas Hold ’em” they’ll raid your house and call it an illegal “gambling operation.”

  • lesson

    Free admission/low takeout=large crowds.

    • jack

      good one

  • Richard C

    I gather the same could be said for plenty of “legal” tracks.

    • David F.

      If authorities really looked deeper you will find this going on in barrel racing rodeos
      as well and guess what? This is being done by Anglo Americans not people of Mexican
      descent. I don’t see the difference between drag racing and horse racing. There are people gambling for big money at your local drag strips as well. The problem is the people that are hosting these events “match races” are generally not paying income tax on there revenue and when the local authorities have been contacted about the traffic and noise . They find a way to shut you down , confiscate anything of value and leave you penniless to fight the government. White people put on roping events , barrel racing , rodeos and things that pay purses too , most people are used to hearing of these types of events and there are payouts at these events. So…to some extent this is gambling too! I don’t see the difference other than the color of there skin. The people compete to see who has the fastest horse in barrel racing , horse racing,
      buggy racing also. The government doesn’t mind all the Mexican people training and riding there horses for them to make profits and look important as if they did it all by themselves. Bigots…if you ask me.

  • Kate

    the problem with these places is they think the entire community should endure their music blasting out the home owners in the area. Have some consideration otherwise they all need to be shut down’

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