Zieralski: David Israel in Hot Water Over Board Meeting Behavior

by | 05.26.2013 | 9:55am
David Israel

California Horse Racing Board chairman David Israel is facing criticism following a meeting on Thursday in which he rapidly lost control of the participants, and then himself, swapping professional decorum for F-bombs. Although the meeting was ultimately a productive one (for everyone but the California Thoroughbred Trainers), writes Ed Zieralski of the San Diego Union-Tribune, his behavior is a sharp contrast to predecessor Keith Brackpool.

Israel's professional experience ranges from a sportswriter to a producer, and although his “qualifications for being a horse racing board chair don't resonate on his resume,” according to Zieralski, fellow commissioner Jesse Choper said Israel “puts a lot of effort into the job. No one can deny that, whether they like his style or don't like his style.”

Israel's 'style' included an apology to critics of his behavior by way of a tweet referencing Samuel L. Jackson's profane reading of a spoof on a children's bedtime story “Go The (Bleep) To Sleep.”

Israel will be leaving in January at the end of his appointment by ex-Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. It's not soon enough for Zieralski.

“Is Israel the kind of person the industry wants to deal with at such a critical time in California's horse racing history?” asks Zieralski. “Does Gov. Jerry Brown want Israel and his offensive demeanor to represent him as chair of such an important state board that in the next few months will decide the future of horse racing in this state for a long, long time to come? Maybe a more level-headed person like Chuck Winner, the CHRB's vice chairman, ought to take over, or at the very least, get a bar of soap out to protect all us “delicate souls” from future F-bombs and Samuel L. Jackson tweets.”

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