Your Move, Calder: Gulfstream Announces $500 Entry Bonuses

by | 07.13.2013 | 10:41am
Gulfstream Park

Gulfstream Park and the Florida Horsemen's Benevolent and Protective Association (FHBPA) are gratified to announce that beginning Saturday, July 13, Gulfstream will offer a $500 bonus award to each trainer who enters and runs a horse.

The horse must be stabled at Gulfstream at the time of the entry and only one bonus award will be available for same- owner entries per race. The announcement comes after lengthy negotiations between Gulfstream and the FHBPA.

“This is not a purse increase but a direct incentive to our trainers to race their horses at our summer meet,” said Gulfstream Park President Tim Ritvo. “The bonus money is intended to help those trainers offset the ever-increasing costs of workers' compensation insurance, shavings, feed and other expenses during this meet.

“Workers' comprehensive insurance costs are often the make-or-break expenses for a trainer and the difference between a profit or loss year. This bonus is intended as a means to keep our trainers in the black while we continue to search for a long-term solution.”

FHPA President Phil Combest said: “The FHBPA worked closely with Tim and other Gulfstream officials to find the right solution to address trainers' rising costs…especially workers' compensation. Offering this bonus was the simplest and most effective way to get the job done and the horsemen really appreciate Gulfstream's consideration.”

Gulfstream Park's first annual Summer Meet continues through November 29, 2013.

  • anonymous

    The horse should be required to finish the actual race as well so trainers are not grabbing horses out of their backyard to run for $500.

  • Roger

    I love it….free marketplace. Hey Frank… step = something for the customers with LOWER takeout rates than Calder:)

    • brussellky

      They are already lower.

  • arsenal hill

    While traversing the backside of Calder this morning, the “fat lady’ could be heard clearing her throat!

  • south florida tom

    I’m all for competition and the free marketplace, but not the hyprocrisy. It’s obvious GP wants to put Calder out of business, but Mr Ritvo won’t admit that so he makes a generalized, safe statement–“we are doing what’s best for Florida racing.” It’s the low moral and low character hypocrisy and not stating the whole truth that I can’t stand.

  • Karen

    This will have unintended consequences that the horses will pay.

  • Jay Stone

    If she is fat she can’t. Be back there because she lives in dirty small rooms, eats bad food, and is eaten by bugs and rats

  • Jeff Bardoll

    Calder won’t care about this, because they don’t care about ANYTHING that involves horsemen or bettors.

    GP is doing about all they can to put CRC outta business, but they never will simply because CRC doesn’t care how bad their product is as long as they run enough to keep their casino licenses. 8-9 heinous races? Fine by them.

    Truth is the racing at BOTH Calder and Gulfstream is pathetic now. Sad that GP is willing to tarnish their brand. Calder’s brand is already tarnished.

  • Ms Curious

    Is the track putting up the money or does it come from the funds available for purses??

    • Jay Stone

      The track itself is paying the trainers 500 to enter and run. This can only be paid to GULFSTREAM Stabled horses so I don’t think they will originate from someone’s backyard. It will help trainers pay for workmen’s comp and higher bedding prices at. Gulfstream.

  • Jay Stone

    What is best for Florida racing is to grow and expand it I the summer. For a long time under Noe, then Meyocks and finally Umphrey this was done. The racing was great, the facility was pristine, and it worked. Recently it began to deteriorate and now it is at its lowest point. The once mighty stallion stakes is no longer promoted and is just filled with locals. That series has been taken back by the breeders and will probably be run at Gulf where it will be highly promoted. The Summit of Speed, while still strong has had fewer and fewer ship ins. Their response to the Gulf challenge could been strong and created great summer racing. Instead they have put up a weak challenge that is getting worse and tells all involved it will be up to
    Gulf to create it alone. It just seems any innovative or aggressive moves only emminate from the Ritvo group

  • Richard C

    Some incentive….a one-time bri….I mean, bonus.

    • It doesn’t say one time. It’s one bonus per owner per race. And who would have ever thought we’d hear such a thing?

  • 4Bellwether666

    Every Race Horse should get some show up $$$ all over the country…

  • ryan driscoll

    Awesome. Now a bunch of sore horses that need a little more time in the barn will be on the track because a trainer is light on cash. Shouldn’t this money go to the person who actually owns the horse? This stupid move compromises safety and the integrity of the betting pools.

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