Woodbine Trainer Brian Lynch Suspended After Arrest, ‘Threatening Death’

by | 05.31.2013 | 3:36pm
Trainer Brian Lynch

The Ontario Racing Commission suspended trainer Brian Lynch Friday for “a matter that happened on the backstretch at Woodbine,” according to the commission's Manager of Racing Brent Stone.

The commission issued a ruling saying Lynch had been suspended pending the outcome of an investigation into a confrontation that, according to sources, involved jockey Sunny Singh.  Sources told the Paulick Report that the two men had been involved in a simmering dispute that apparently came to head May 24.

According to a police spokesman, Lynch was arrested on May 25 and charged with “threatening death and dangerous operation of a motor vehicle” for an incident that occurred at Woodbine the previous day.

He made a court appearance May 25 and the case is pending, the spokesman said. Lynch's court date was not available.

The commission's ruling cites regulation 15.09.01, which states:

Any act or omission related to Thoroughbred horse racing in any or all of its form, which, when measured against generally accepted standards of good conduct would be regarded as dishonest, unfair or unsportsmanlike or contrary to the public interest financially or otherwise, shall be deemed to be an illegal practice under these Rules…

Conduct unbecoming an industry participant also refers to conduct that occurs outside of the business of horse racing but which brings the industry into disrepute. 

“What I can tell you is that we have put out a release suspending Mr. Lynch's license until we do our investigation,” said Stone.

Lynch has a 45-horse stable at Woodbine, and according to Equibase, has won nine of 75 starts in 2013, including the Grade 3 Selene Stakes at Woodbine with 3-year-old filly, Coffee Clique, May 19. The 49-year-old trainer from Brisbane, Australia has won 346 races from 2,076 North American starts since 1991.

Lynch's entry in Friday's seventh race at Woodbine, Crowns Dynasty, was scratched.

  • 4Bellwether666

    That photo looks like he might be able to go off his rocker…

    • david fernandes

      you comment makes no sense, so I must assume you’re an idiot..

  • alex

    photos are designed to fit a story. I don’t know the situation, but when I worked at Woodbine for two years, Brian Lynch’s reputation was impeccable.

  • McGov

    Gotta wonder why Bryan Lynch would want to kill Sunny Singh. There’s much more to this story…that’s for sure.

  • Richard C

    What is it with vehicles and track guys exploding in juvenile rage? He should head to a Cali track parking lot the next time he feels the urge after listening to Gary Numan’s “Cars”.

  • jason

    I’ve known Lynch a while and he is a very kind and decent man. He treats his staff like family and is a joy to be around.

  • bemonte

    I think the 24th was maybe Singh’s first day back from being suspended for all of 2012 for repeatedly failing drug tests and showing up to ride under the influence. He has been suspended or on probation consistently for years. I know he has been accused many times of endangering jockeys and horses for riding in that condition. And that’s in addition to his multiple suspensions annually for excessive use of the whip.
    I’m guessing Lynch’s anger might have something to do with that. Singh has been an exercise rider on probation for the last couple months, I think, until his recent return to riding races.

  • Stacey Gunderman White

    I have known Brian for many years, he is a good guy on and off the track. This is surprising and unfortunate. I hope he gets cleared of this mess.

  • Brentwood

    Whatever happened to innocent till proven guilty! To suspend a trainer based on unproven allegations goes totally against the rights as we enjoy as citizens and people. ORC give your head a shake! You take the word of a proven jock that has abused drugs and has been suspended time and time again is a joke.
    I know Brian lynch and he runs a clean outfit with nothing but the utmost respect for all human beings. He further provides a living for many folks who depend on him. To take his right away to earn a living and provide a living without due process is outrageous, ludicrous and borders on denying ones fundamental rights!

  • Tingz

    Sunny dingh is a joke he should learn how to ride donkeys, This guy has been suspended over and over again for drug use, maybe he was under the influence, once again. This knob should be banned for good

  • Dyt

    Little sandsucker

  • Stewey

    This is a joke brian is a great guy, sunny singh is a lowlife druggie who has been suspended over and over again, maybe he was sketching from not having any coca cola in his system.

  • santa anita

    known lynch since california a good person with a little hot temper at times but not to the extent of threatening somebody. hes a very likable person and an honest man as far as I know. ORC needs to grow up and reinstate him.

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