Whiteley: Whip use is out of control

by | 06.13.2011 | 11:39am

In an op-ed piece for the Thoroughbred Daily News, Liberation Farm owner Rob Whiteley takes off on whip usage in racing, after having watched a recent incident where jockey Russell Baze went to the whip more than 30 times:

“What have we become as people, and to what depths have we sunk, to be so anesthetized to this obscenity and barbarism? And how can we be so stupid to blindly support this largely uncontrolled abuse of horses as we also seek to increase our fan base and prevent our sinking “sport” from descending toward relative obscurity?

Sadly, this tradition of whipping is not even necessary. If jockeys only carried whips for safety, the winner of each race would reflect the competitive quality of the horse and the true horsemanship and talent of the jockey.”

Click here to read the entire piece.

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