Video: Napravnik Featured in Wild Turkey Bourbon Marketing Campaign

by | 10.29.2013 | 12:14pm

Jockey Rosie Napravnik is among the people featured in a new advertising campaign for Wild Turkey Bourbon. The campaign, called ‘#Nevertamed', features five individuals whose drive and determination has helped them forge a unique path in life.

In describing Rosie, the ad says:

The Rider.
To call Rosie Napravnik fierce doesn't do her justice. Her drive and determination set her apart from the crowd — guys, girls, everyone.

Wild Turkey Bourbon — Bottled but #Nevertamed.


  • WelbourneStud

    Love it.

  • justaguest

    Thumbs up!

  • Old Timer


    Refreshing to see a high quality piece of media being produced incorporating a prominent member of the horse racing industry.

  • Don Reed

    First serious mistake, on Rosie’s part.
    There is some money on the table that you do not take.

    • Chad

      You have to wonder, did Ken Ramsey pay for all that advertising he is getting in the commercial?

      • Don Reed

        Possibly (if he’s in it. I don’t watch TV). But I think he’d do it just to have some fun, and it always may be true that he wants to see Nap get paid.

        Ya gotta watch these TV things. Next thing you know, you’re on a game show, it goes to your head, and in exchange for a matched set of luggage, you eagerly confess to all sorts of things.

        Even being a horseplayer.

    • Glimmerglass

      Don, I don’t see the objectionable aspect of this product.

      Premium hard alcohol is hardly a sinful in 2013. She’s not hawking Virginia Slims or a smokeless tobacco product. I would be disappointed if she was doing ads for CashCall or some other predatory financial institution.

      While she may resonate with younger fans I hardly think a 2.3 minute montage of her talking about herself – and never consuming the product – as being a bad influence. Rosie already did the Mars Inc. promo for Snickers Bites at this year’s Preakness. I’m very certain that marketers will still regard her as squeaky clean after this modest ad campaign.

      • Don Reed

        Hi, Glim. First, good luck on Friday-Saturday. Friday’s going to be an earthquake.

        Rosie Napravnik is a disciplined person (a lot more than most in her environment). She goes about her business in a manner that reminds me of Jerry Bailey, when he was riding. If anyone’s concerned about her personal judgment, they should take a vacation.

        It’s the larger scope that bothers me, the institutional vista.

        Jockeys suspended, trainers banished, even the owners get the
        arched eyebrow from time to time. The sport has barely recovered from the Eight Belles fiasco, and as soon as another event such as 8B occurs, the uproar will reignite. It always does.

        Given this sword of Demosthenes poised over America’s finish lines, it’s simply a bad idea to have anything to do in an official capacity with a product that has repeatedly been associated with innumerable tragic situations outside of the racing world.

        • Don Reed

          P.S. “Cash Call” description is perfect.

  • Greg Jones

    Well done, love it!

  • Jill Pflugheber

    Not only is Rosie a tough, dedicated, fantastic rider, she is a very articulate young LADY as well. Hats off to you, Rosie!!

  • John

    Yeah free shots of bourbon for the horses. That ought make betting interesting. LOL

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