Vazquez: Racing Commission Reverses Penn National Ban

by | 05.28.2015 | 3:42pm
Juan Vazquez

The Pennsylvania Racing Commission has reversed an order by Penn National Race Course banning the trainer Juan Vazquez from its premises without explanation.

A second ban issued against the trainer by the racetrack remains in effect.

Penn National issued an order to ban Vazquez in March, citing “conduct detrimental to racing” after he returned to training following a 90-day ban imposed by the Delaware Racing Commission for fighting with a jockey at Delaware Park.

A second ban against the trainer, issued by Penn National in mid-April, remains pending. In issuing the order, Penn National alleged Vazquez had given a gratuity to a racing official at the track. Vazquez's hearing into that charge took place in mid-May, and information regarding the decision has not been released.

Alan Pincus, attorney for Vazquez, issued the following statement after the racing commission overturned the Penn National ejection:

“Juan Vazquez's ejection from Penn National was found to be unreasonable after a hearing where each side got a chance to present their case.  Vazquez was ejected because Penn National contended that his overall record made his continued presence to be against the best interests of racing.  However, his overall record is not as bad as any number of trainers who are allowed to race at Penn National and have never been ejected.”It is unfortunate that the rules for ejections differ from state to state.  In some (Delaware, Maryland, Kentucky) the licensee is not even entitled to a hearing so the track can eject him/her on any pretense and thereby destroy his/her career.  This is unfair and the horsemen's groups in those states should be ashamed they meekly allow this to continue.

“Everybody should be entitled to a hearing before having their career ruined.  In Vazquez's case Maryland simply told him to go away for a while  and he had no recourse.  Then a chain reaction of ejections was started by Penn National.  When Vazquez got his day in court he demonstrated that the ejection was unreasonable.  We should applaud the fact the the system works when a licensee is afforded a fair hearing.  Let's put the pitchforks and torches down for a while and not hang anybody before they get the chance to defend themselves.”


Read the order here.

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