Tyler Baze Denied License Reinstatement

by | 10.27.2013 | 2:16am

Santa Anita Park stewards denied a bid by jockey Tyler Baze to have his jockey's license reinstated, according to Daily Racing Form. Baze has been under suspension since June after failing a sobriety test. It was the second alcohol related suspension for the 31-year-old rider since 2011.

Stewards said Baze failed to follow the terms of the suspension given him last summer, including a requirement to undergo evalutation with the Winners Foundation, which assists and counsels licensees with substance abuse problems.

Earlier this month, Baze met with stewards in an effort to have his license reinstated. He was arrest in July after an automobile accident and charged with driving under the influence and driving with a suspended license. His blood-alcohol level was more than four times the legal limit, according to Daily Racing Form.

Read more at Daily Racing Form.

  • thestockbroker

    I see many posts saying “I hope he turns it around, he’s a good jock” that aside, I hope he turns it around so he doesn’t DIE, he’s a young man with a wife who loves him, that’s more important than his riding ability, at least to me

  • Stoney

    In the words of the immortal Judge Smails…”well, the world needs ditch diggers too.”

  • Roger

    The PR carried the DRF article about the Stewards hearing Oct.19,2013 in which their investigator recommended TB not be reinstated…..that was a week ago. The hearing yesterday the DRF article indicated that Steward Chaney was peeved that TB waited until the last day to enter his required 60 day in-house rehabilitation residency.That’s a very punitive position by Chaney…the young man fulfilled the requirement of the 60 days yet Chaney blasts him for not going sooner.There are many horseplayers that would like to see Chaney’s boss be as punitive toward’s him and his crew for their questionable decisions involving Inquiries and non called Inquiries but just who evaluates Chaney and his crew has been a mystery for some time.
    Chaney, in his ruling yesterday, cites that TB didn’t follow a specific requirement which included checking in with The Winner’s Foundation for evaluation. This statement by Steward Chaney is puzzling given that last week’s Saturday hearing…..DRF journalist (Steve Andersen) talked to Winner’s Foundation Bob Fletcher and Fletcher said at the end of the Oct.19th steward’s hearing and stated he’s hopeful that Baze could be reinstated.
    “There are a lot of components in recovery and one of them is employment,” he said. “We’d like to see Tyler back in the field.”
    That sure “reads” like an evaluation to me from the Winner’s Foundation.

  • Karen Tracy

    Somehow I feel Jeff Mullins is the one paying the price for Tyler’s misdirection.

  • Gene

    you can pray he gets it, but at the end of the day he has to want it and he is not showing that to be the case. it’s not an east task with the things he has gone through but excuses are not works of action. it’s not going to be easy, that’s why each day it will take everyone involved to make it work. I think Mr. Chaney should get some counseling himself as to how treat each case based on the individual and not to treat them the same.

  • FastBernieB

    Its hard to witness anyone fall into the grips of substance abuse. A top jockey, returning war vet, local clergyman or the guy at McDonalds – it doesn’t matter who it is, the battle is a hard one to win. While compassion might make us want to overlook minor conditions that were not met by TB, this would be a mistake. A clearly defined path with clear consequences for missteps is essential in facilitating the offenders return to good standing. Cutting corners and looking the other way is enabling behavior that does the offender no long term good. Tough love has its place and this is one of those times. Hopefully it works out for TB going forward.

  • we’re watching

    Get sober, then get a license. Keep it simple.

    • HappyHarriet


  • HappyHarriet

    There’s one way to fix this: STOP DRINKING and DRUGGING.

    At the end of the day, the answer is very simple. Easy? NO! Simple? YES.

    So all the hand wringing, boo hooing, evaluations, standards, hearings, and licenses WILL NEVER CHANGE THAT.

    You can add medical, emotional, psychiatric, employment or other layers to this situation, but it only adds chaos to do so.

    Strip it down to the bare truth – the way to get sober is to STOP DRINKING.

    And yes, I know what I’m talking about so don’t bother to tell me I don’t.

    • Laura

      I thought ya said it good! We can only hope he wanrs to stop! Tyler has alot of friends who are there to help him, if he wants help. He knows how to quit, he’s done it, a few times. I appreciated your wisdom, just sayin’,……

  • Laura

    For heaven’s sake Tyler, you got a death wish or what? Four times the legal limit,…. isn’t that enough to cause alcohol poisoning in your body? Get off your duff, and get this thing licked! We all know you can do it, cause you’ve done it before! You are better than this,… time you show it,.. if only to yourself! Good Luck to you in all you do, here and now, and through the future! You have so much ahead of you! Try hard, and you’ll make it! Prayers for your well being!

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