Turf Paradise: Where Have the Times Gone?

by | 11.11.2013 | 4:14pm
Turf Paradise racetrack in Phoenix, Ariz.

Bettors watching races at Turf Paradise might be wondering why they haven't seen fractional times appearing on the infield message board.

Since the start of the current meet, race fractions have been shown on TV monitors but not on the tote board, as they normally would.

The reason: the Phoenix, Az. racetrack switched timing system companies in early October, and the previous provider, American Teletimer, removed the equipment that allowed Turf Paradise to post fractional times on the tote.

“That was their equipment, their property, so when they left, they took it,” said Turf Paradise General Manager Vincent Francia.

Francia said Cy Leland's sports technology firm is now handling timing and video production of races.

“It was just a better all-around deal,” Francia said. “One issue was certainly financial considerations but equally important if not more so, for a number of years, we've been getting complaints about our video quality and our graphics displays. So we've now gone from the analog into the digital, which enhances the clarity of our picture and our graphics package, which we wanted to display in a more modern, up-to-date format, offering more information to our players.”

Aside from the times not being displayed on the tote, Francia said the transition to a new provider has mostly gone smoothly, although American Teletimer wasn't happy the switch was made.

“During their departure, there were some issues, and the attorneys are discussing, so I really can't comment on that,” said Francia.

As for the tote problem, Francia said a needed piece of software is expected to arrive Wednesday, and within a few days, fractional times should again start appearing on the infield message board.

  • betterthannothing

    Fractional times? Video quality? Graphic displays? Gee, what about worrying first about the welfare of horses at that sorry track?

    • close em all down

      Close every second rate track down then

      • Richard C

        If this is truly a professional sport, joints that are second-rate have no business being in operation.

  • scorched earth

    In the old days, when vendors were “removed”, they would cut the cables in order to make life a living hell for the new vendor. Good to see nothing has changed

  • mcmannis

    Fractions on the tote board, when they are available on the TV feed, is a minor issue. How about the accuracy of the times, specifically the final times? That’s a real issue.

  • gg

    While it is pitiful video quality is more important than stalls and the basic poor conditions of the back side of the track. I use to love this race track, but between the deplorable conditions for the horses, when the then “New” General Manager, formerly the bookkeeper, decided to disallow Arabian racing at the track, siting Quarter Horses were grandfathered in, Arabians were not,. The fact both Quarter Horses and Thoroughbreds are bred from Arabian Horses seems to have escaped his wee brain. I lost interest in Turf Paradise. It is a shame such a beautiful track, from outside appearances, can be so poor on the inside.

  • Guy Fleegman1

    The OWNER of Turf Paradise is the reason that place is horrific…he has the money and could make it an amazing facility if he was not such an incredible moron…THAT is a fact.

  • Joe Weaver

    francia never knew any thing about a race track and never will , just works cheap steady job

  • MsMarianne

    it used to be a lovely track back when I trained my first horse there. Sure, it had it’s issues, but it was a great place to cut my teeth.

  • lovetwogamble

    I live five miles from this track and rarely attend or even bet the horses at this second, uh, excuse me, third world facility. Thank GOD Arizona has off-track simulcasts outlets.
    Agree the owner, and GM are just riding this facility into the ground. By 2017 it will be shuttered and probably developed into commercial office space.

    Check out the mutual pools, and the low payoffs. The other day, a $1 exacta paid $2.10. Why would anyone bet this facility is beyond me.

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