Turf Course Expansion Work Begins at Del Mar

by | 09.10.2013 | 8:34am
Expansion on the new Del Mar course in September 2013

The expansion work on the turf course has begun at Del Mar as crews began clearing trees and other vegetation in the infield on Sept. 9.

Fox 5 San Diego news reported that maintenance and turf crews at Del Mar have begun clearing the infield and mapping out were utilities and irrigation will go. All of this work must be done before work can begin on widening the turf course, which will be expanded to 80 feet across all the way around. After the work is complete, fields for turf races can be expanded to 14, instead of being limited to 10, as they are now.

Leif Dickinson, Del Mar's turf superintendent told Fox 5 that the finished project will allow for a better view from the grandstand, too.

“It's a brand new profile, hopefully something that will be a little more stable that the horses will handle well,” Dickinson said.

The project is expected to cost between $5 and $10 million, and should be completed in four to five months.

Read more at Fox 5 San Diego

  • Jerry


    • guess77

      wrong again JERRY

      • Guy Fleegman1

        JERRY is NEVER wrong fella!

    • BobF83

      Read the research on catastrophic injuries on Poly compared to dirt. The difference is overwhelming and the poly tracks are safer. I know a lot of trainers and they said that the ones that complain about soft tissue injuries at Del Mar have a bunch of horses that can’t run anyway.
      This stuff is fair and every track should have it. Just like all jockeys should have better helmets.
      This is 2013. It’s time for racing to start living in the present.

  • harry

    When they replace the plastic track with dirt then maybe BC will listen to them. Gulfstream will get BC long before Del Mar. Replacing the turf course should have been done years ago.Better late than never.

    • south florida tom

      Gulfstream will NEVER get to host the BC races because of the present layout. No place to put the people. On a regular race day during the winter, people are elbow to elbow, bumping into each other and are on top of one another. It’s ridiculous. On Florida Derby day or any other big race day, GP is the last place you want to be.

  • Right then, Right now

    Craig Fravel.

  • Chico

    Who cares about the Breeders’ Cup. Having a wider turf course means more horses racing. Better odds.

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