‘Try To Get It Behind Me’: Mott To Serve Seven-Day Suspension For 2014 Positive

by | 07.02.2018 | 1:55pm
Bill Mott

Trainer Bill Mott has been engaged in a legal battle with the New York State Gaming Commission for nearly four years, regarding a positive test for Saratoga Snacks in September of 2014. The horse was found to have overages of both banamine and lasix in its system, but there was not enough blood to provide a split sample for testing. Mott argued the split sample is a due process right afforded to all horsemen and has now spent in the low six figures in legal fees to stand up for that right, according to drf.com.

In November of 2017, the Commission announced a program funded largely by the New York Thoroughbred Horsemen's Association in which state veterinarians would ensure that enough blood is collected for a split sample to be available.

Mott reached a settlement last week with the NYSGC, in which he will drop the ongoing lawsuit. The trainer had been cleared of the lasix violation, as lasix is administered by a third party in New York, but he will now serve a seven-day suspension and pay a $1,000 fine as a result of the banamine overage.

“I'm going to take the seven days and try to get it behind me,” Mott said. “I feel like the only thing we probably accomplished is we finally have a split sample, but we need to read the rule that goes along with it. If the split sample comes back differently from the original test, does that mean there's no problem? And if there is no split sample, does that mean there's no problem? In Kentucky, if there's no split sample, the original test doesn't mean anything.”

Read more at drf.com.

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