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Yesterday, we made a general appeal as to why we think the Paulick Report is worth supporting financially. We keep checking our backs for a team of PBS lawyers but so far they haven't seemed to notice our blatant fundraiser knock-off!

As a service to our prospective donors, we thought it would be neighborly of us to point out 10 reasons why writing a check or sending a PayPal donation would be the right move for you. Think of these as talking points when your spouse asks why you just wrote a check to a Web site you don't own.

10. You never got over seeing Ray on the other side of the soup kitchen counter when you volunteered last Christmas.

9.   Sheikh Mohammed isn't returning his phone calls.

8.   PBS keyed your car.

7.   Reading online publications reduces waste and makes you feel like an environmentalist.

6.   You just cashed in your Magna Entertainment stock and don't know what to do with all those profits.

5.   It's your way of thanking us for publishing all 74 of your trainer's rulings from the RCI database.

4.   You believe in Ray's new TV script CDI: Kentucky.

3.   Your local paper doesn't have a turf writer anymore (and you live in the horse capital of the world!)

2.   Moving Ray into a higher tax bracket gives him that much better a chance to be elected to the Jockey Club.

1.   You believe that an independent, truthful voice supported by anonymous donors and not controlled by advertisers is the best way to bring about meaningful change in the industry.

Whether you have found your reason to support the Paulick Report in this Top Ten or not, if you place value in the independent voice we have crafted over the past few months, we ask you to please consider sending a donation of $2,000, $1,000, $500, $250, $100 or even $50. Any amount is greatly appreciated and rest assured that donor anonymity is guaranteed. Please click the link below to our 'Support the Paulick Report' page where you can make a donation either by PayPal or through the mail.

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