TOC: California Wagering Up 14 Percent in January

by | 02.09.2014 | 3:16pm

While winter weather was to blame for widespread racing cancellations and handle declines for much of the country in January, California saw an uptick in wagering in the state, as discussed in an open forum held by the Thoroughbred Owners of California at Santa Anita on Saturday.

The Daily Racing Form reports that TOC president Joe Morris told the forum that last month “wagering on California was up 14 percent and purse generation was up 12 percent.” Morris said that wagering in the state in 2013 was up 5.6 percent, with a 2.3 percent increase in purse generation. He also mentioned that Del Mar and the fall meet at Hollywood Park had underpaid purses in 2013 – Del Mar alone had more than $600,000 left in its purse account. That money will be allocated to 2014 purses.

The forum also touched on the stabling issue in Southern California following Hollywood's closure at the end of December. According to Morris, there are 2,595 horses stabled in Southern California, most at Santa Anita with overflow at Los Alamitos, San Luis Rey Downs and Barretts Sales and Racing. Los Alamitos plans to add 200 more stalls to the grounds by late March.

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  • Roger

    CA Racing has benefitted from better weather this year than previous year. Joe Morris forgot to inform his members that the DEAL his TOC formed with SA exec LUDT has been an absolute failure in dropping Rolling Doubles.
    Yesterday was DAY 30 at SA and the DD HANDLE for the 2013/14 Meet is DOWN – $2,822,103.
    Hey Joe….why not reinstate Rolling Doubles at 18% and increase HANDLE and revenues which helps your purses? The 3 legged stool you mentioned several weeks ago about racetrack owner,horsemen,horseplayers can only be BALANCED if you include ALL horseplayers….not just big bettors interest.
    SA is UP = $6.7 million in TOTAL HANDLE……P-5 claims $3.7 million of that increase and P-3 claims $1.4 million and the rest is more than likely the P-6 will the several Carryovers and 2 Double Carryover days. Rolling Doubles at 18% would have significantly increased SA’s bottomline if not for the ill-advised Restricted 3 Doubles – DEAL between Ludt and the TOC.

  • Andrew A.

    Will the stupidity of not rolling the Doubles at Santa Anita continue into this coming week? I think so.

    I have been the most vocal person around when it comes to the Tracks getting a fair split of the P5 takeout (The P5 handle is up close to 4 million dollars this meet). In fact I’ve been hammering that home for over three years now. The fact is that Brackpool loves SB1072 and without his connections it may not have been passed with exchange wagering slipped in
    at the last moment. Apparently he has no interest in working on behalf of the Stronach Group by demanding a more equitable split of the takeout. Right now the Tracks have to beg the TOC for marketing funds to offset the unfair split of the P5 takeout. How silly is that? SB1072 should be rescinded because the TOC has only taken advantage of the situation. They
    have not used the windfall to benefit California Racing. All you have to do is look at where most of the money has gone. They haven’t put starter fees (that would benefit the Tracks, Owners, and Horseplayers with increased field size) at a reasonable level and Mike Pegram shoots it down along with his boy Bob (who calls them losers fees). The very least the TOC could do would be to offer their cut of the P5 revenue towards starter fees/bonuses. That’s at the very least. If the tracks ever wanted to overturn SB1072 it would be easy with all the resident Horseplayer support. The track employees also represent a lot of people. Have
    some balls for once.

    This is all on Brackpool and Pegram and if they raise the takeout on the P5 without implementing our suggestions for California Racing there will be hell to pay. The Mike Pegram subpoena sent to me is in the boycott vault just in case we need to send a message. Remember 2011 when Santa Anita was down over 100 million in handle? We are much stronger now so do the right thing for California Racing for once.


    WEEK 7 – DAYS 27 THRU 30
    SA – 2013 – Rolling Doubles vs 2014
    Restricted 3 Doubles
    SA – DAY 27 = DOWN – $59,594

    SA – DAY 28 = DOWN – $64,537

    SA – DAY 29 = DOWN – $101,242

    SA – DAY 30 = DOWN – $101,288
    WEEK 7 = DOWN – $326,661
    SA – 2013/14 – Meet – DD HANDLE DOWN – $2,822,103

    SA – 2013 – TOTAL HANDLE vs 2014 TOTAL HANDLE
    SA – 2013 – DAY 30 = $9,369,929

    SA – 2014 – DAY 30 = $8,828,874
    DOWN – $541,055…….DOWN – 3 out 4 days this week
    SA -2013/14 Meet – TOTAL HANDLE UP = $6,736,203

    SA Low Takeout (14%) P-5 ….NO Marketing $$$ Spent

    And they won’t even mention the takeout on HRTV or in any ads. How dumb is that?
    SA -P-5 HANDLE – DAY 1 THRU 10
    UP = $978,628
    SA – P-5 HANDLE- DAY 11 THRU 20
    UP = $1,101,095
    SA – P-5 HANDLE – DAY 21 THRU 30
    UP = $1,654,748
    SA Low Takeout (14%) P-5 HANDLE – 2013/14 Meet UP = $3,734,471
    Santa Anita/TOC hoping high takeout (23.68%) P-3 exotic would benefit by Restricting Doubles at 18%
    SA – P-3 HANDLE – DAY 1 THRU 10
    UP = $98,508
    SA – P-3 HANDLE – DAY 11 THRU 20
    UP = $524,623
    SA – P-3 HANDLE – DAY 21 THRU 30
    UP = $795,813
    SA- P-3 HANDLE – 2013/13 Meet UP = $1,418,944
    So here it is….P-3 is UP $1.4 million and DD HANDLE is DOWN $2.8 million. Is that a smart business trade-off ?

  • Jerry Jam


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