Times are A-Changin’: California Racing Calender Set for Revamp

by | 05.20.2013 | 8:34am

Members of the California Horse Racing Board are set to convene May 23 to begin discussions on revamping the 2014 racing calendar in the state – one that won't include Betfair Hollywood Park.

According to an article in the Blood-Horse, the CHRB will meet in Sacremento, in the Cal Expo grandstand.

Both Santa Anita and Del Mar will benefit from the closure of Betfair Hollywood Park, with both racetracks to increase their racing dates. According to the article, Santa Anita would retain its traditional winter opening Dec. 26, 2013,but would extend its meet to July 6. It is also requesting a fall meet in 2014 that runs from Sept. 25 to Nov. 9.

Del Mar Thoroughbred Club would run its summer schedule from July 16 to Sept. 3 next year and would create a new autumn meet that would last Nov. 5-30. In 2015, Del Mar is requesting an even earlier start—Oct. 28.

Officials from Del Mar want to alternate with Santa Anita as the host site for simulcast wagering during the two-day Breeders' Cup World Championships, similar to what Hollywood Park did for years when it operated the autumn meet.

Read more at the Blood-Horse

  • Roger

    Might I suggest while you’re in discussions over the Racing Calendar that you address the negative impact SB 1072 and the exceedingly high exotic takeout rates imposed on customers
    betting or use to bet California races.

    • Lost In The Fog

      While I agree that the takeout rates are too high in CA I often wonder why so many of the horse bettors who complain about it never mention (or perhaps don’t even realize) that the takeout rates at NY tracks are (overall) slightly higher than in CA. Why no outrage over the NY takeout rates?

      • Nancy Taylor

        Two wrongs don’t make a right. It is a disgrace that the takeout is sky high in both California and New York. Obviously leadership in both venues has no clue. Without casino money (which is questionable in the long term) the industry would be crippled in both states, not to mention everywhere else. Political appointees and self serving Horsemen’s groups just don’t have the problem solving talents to correct the problems that plague the industry. Centralized leadership may or may not be the answer, but the status quo is certainly not.

  • harry

    Dates quite easy to fix but “where are the horses going to be stabled that can’t get in Santa Anita in winter and fall. Where will turf horses train if not Santa Anita??? Oh where will Breeders Cup horses be able to stable at Santa Anita???? Maybe Breeders Cup will come East at least for one year then again maybe not. Hollywood Park closing will change California racing forever and that is a fact. Good luck CHRB and oh yea what about the fans???? Oh sorry who cares about the fans sorry my mistake!!

    • tomf

      What do you mean, “what about the fans?????” The tracks will be open for the fans to bet and watch the races. What’s your point concerning the fans???????

      • Does “tomf” stand for Tom the Fool? What do YOU mean, what about the fans. What about the fans who, for 75 years, have had access to Hollywood Park? What about the West Side of LA, Orange County, etc. who have easy reliable access to the institution of Hollywood Park? One less venue = fewer fans, fewer bettors, fewer horses, less prestige of California racing which is already in the s*****r anyway.

        Does your entire world revolve exclusively around YOU? Is it completely impossible for you to have any empathy or sympathy or compassion for someone else’s situation in life and how the closing of a monumental bastion of California Racing might affect MANY?

        :::shaking my head:::
        :::one more reason to get the hell out of California:::

        • tomf

          I have sympathy and compassion for those who will lose their jobs. That’s what’s important. If a fan can’t attend the races at HP, then go to Santa Anita and/or Del Mar. Their front doors will be open. If some cannot make it to SA or DMR, then they will have to make it through life without attending live horse racing. Maybe they’ll find another hobby. I’m sure they’ll be okay and not have a nervous breakdown like you…..Geeeeeesh!!!!

        • harry

          Harriet kudos to you at least some people get it about the fans. Will fans who go to Hollywood Park for simulcast be able to continue to do so at Hollywood Park or will they build a new site. Will Poker room still be available for patrons?? Does anybody care about how high the takeout

  • nu-fan

    I see that the meeting will be in the clubhouse located in the grandstand. At first, I thought: “How many people are they expecting to attend if they are holding the meeting in the grandstand?” While there is an audio link to listen in to the meeting, does anyone know if the public is invited to attend, in person, as well?

  • A much better idea would be to consolidate Northern and Southern California into a single circuit (except during Del Mar and the Northern California Fairs in the summer), with Santa Anita getting 1-3 extra weeks and Del Mar getting roughly two extra weeks (including a four-day Thanksgiving meet to race the Autumn Turf Festival events) and Golden Gate otherwise racing only from Oaks Day-around July 4 and BC Friday-approximately Dec. 20, as previously written at: http://www.toosmarttofail.com/forums/showthread.php/30011

    This would require changing around the California fairs quite a bit to accommodate changes needed in a consolidation to a single circuit. Some fairs may not like it, but it to me would be necessary as part of sweeping changes that are needed as a result of both Hollywood closing and the need to consolidate Northern and Southern California (again, except during Del Mar and the No. Cal Fairs) into one circuit.

    • betterthannothing

      I wish they eliminated claiming races below $5,000 then raised the bar to $7,500 or until racing became humane.

  • Lynn

    When the track and stable area at Hollywood Park closes, many of the horses and trainers may leave the Golden State.

    Skyrocketing taxes ,tyrannical government regulations, workers’ compensation costs are crippling in California.

    • And another of the reasons why I would be looking to consolidate racing in California to one circuit.

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