Tickets Now On Sale For Inaugural Pegasus World Cup

by | 10.13.2016 | 4:27pm

The Stronach Group announced today the first blocks of tickets to The Pegasus World Cup Invitational are now available. The Pegasus World Cup Invitational, the world's richest thoroughbred race, will be contested on Saturday, January 28th, 2017 at The Stronach Group's premier destination, Gulfstream Park in Hallandale Beach, Florida.

Be part of history and reserve your place now! Tickets for The Pegasus World Cup Invitational available for purchase online at Tickets can also be purchased at Gulfstream Park, 11:00am-5:00pm EST on live-race days.

The inaugural running of this industry-leading thoroughbred invitational exemplifies The Stronach Group's commitment to modernizing and elevating the sport of horse racing for the next generation of fans, while providing lucrative opportunities for thoroughbred owners.

Tickets are available for purchase now and range from $100 to $765+ USD per person. Venues offer something for everyone, from exciting views of the dash to the finish at the trackside bar, to luxurious VIP experiences and suites.

The innovative Pegasus World Cup Invitational is the first event of its kind in horse racing. Twelve stakeholders have each put up $1 million USD for a spot at the starting gate and will compete with the best horses in the world. The winner will earn a world-record $7 million USD.

The Pegasus World Cup Invitational will be broadcast live on NBC from 4:30pm-6:00pm EST on Saturday, January 28th, 2017 and will be simulcast worldwide in partnership with Henry Birtles Associates.

  • beachdoode

    I can’t wait , Go Get em Chrome !!!……Gi-Gi-Giddy Up !…..

  • J

    $100 – $765?

    • beachdoode

      Yep I hope you like standing up !…They tore down the REAL Racetrack !……

    • Jocke Muth

      Never mind Jerry, no one wants you there anyway.

  • Bryan Langlois

    Absolutely ridiculous pricing. Way to screw the regular average fan as usual. I am told there will be general admission tickets sold as well, but not on sale yet. Obviously all they care about is making as much money on the day from the rich and high society. Yet again the fan they seem to want to so desperately attract to the sport gets screwed. I will be lucky if I can even afford a general admission ticket. What blows me away even more is most of the seats offered do not really allow you to even go onto the track apron to view the races live.

    • Saratoga Bob

      Can’t belive how greedy Frank Stonach is First he gets the owners to pay for a race at his race track than he wants to rip off the patrons that support his venue day after day ,Racing desperately needs new players 100 dollar seats are no way to introduce new blood into failing industry 🤑🤑🤑

    • topkat

      The rich, high society and celebrities,will gladly pay, for an event such as this in sunny florida in january,like they do at Churchill Downs, on KD, day, Pimlico on Preakness day,belmont park at the belmont and saratoga on Travers day Whitney day etc, fully comprehend that the aforementioned are triple crown and grade 1 races however the posters here seem to think the entrants and organizers are idiots they are millionaires and billionaires and they didn’t get that way being stupit

  • FernandoC

    They should have had it the best state in the world NEW MEXICO. Perfect timing for my sunland meet…. come on stronach think lik a champion of the world. Guesss what too… we have more than a 100 seats.

  • D. Barillaro

    Everything is interesting and exciting about this event until the ticket prices were announced. Why not make it a great event for everyone to enjoy?? Then people wonder why horse racing can’t attract new fans!! The prices should definitely be reduced especially when the event is in Florida during the height of the tourist season when other sports, venues, events, and tourist attractions are vying for customers’ dollars. Work to SAVE racing on all angles including race goers on all levels!

  • Race fan

    If 10,000 people come you can’t move Who designed that place

    • beachdoode

      They designed the place to be a Casino , that’s why there are only a few seats outside above the Apron….I think it’s 500 seats , not sure ?…..There’s a few tables around the Tiki Bar to the North , not to many…..Maybe they will bring in some temporary Bleachers ?….As it stands now there is NO Charge for admission to get in to the park…It’s been this way for years….They might have to Fence off the Seated Area and you will have to show a ticket…..If not you could tell them you’re there to play Poker or the Slots then you go watch the Races ?…..
      I got a feeling there Won’t be a charge for the general public but they will have to Stand up…..Keep in mind there are Hundreds of people that go to their Casino every day which is in the SAME Building , they are not going to Charge them…..

      I think the Best thing to do is Stay home and watch it on ” Livestream “….That’s what I’m doing…….

      • Bryan Langlois

        I contacted Gulfstream about general admission and was told there will be a charge for a general admission ticket and it will not be free for people to just go go the track like every other day there. The GA tickets have just not gone on sale yet.

        • beachdoode

          WOW , I wonder how they are going to treat the people that go there for the Casino ??….Are they going to make them pay general admission ?…..Like I mentioned before the Casino is in the same building as all the Horse Racing Amenities …..

        • Paolo

          Did they tell you where a general admission ticket will allow you? What will be roped off? Will a GA ticket allow you on the small apron that is trackside?

          • Bryan Langlois

            Have no idea. I would imagine and hope so, but the site really gives no useful information about it.

  • Chris

    Priced for the rich. Looks like watching at a simulcast track is my only option.

  • kuzdal

    California Chrome. Any others?

  • Leo Bartolotta

    People lets say that you have 1,000,000.0
    0 to put up to run, and your horse is not named CC, and your shearing in all the $$$ that comes in with this race ( or day ) I’m sure you would want to try to get back as much as you can !! There not going to lose any new fans becase there’s not many anyways

  • Jay

    Worth every penny, considering this is bound to be one of the most embarrassing moments the industry has ever experienced.

  • nodouble

    A joke…should be ashamed of themselves for charging that kind of money to watch a BS race that is here today and gone tomorrow….they are not attracting anyone new just pissing off their dwindling base.

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