Three Trainers Denied Stud Book Privileges By The Jockey Club

by | 02.13.2018 | 3:43pm

The Jockey Club announced today that one trainer has been denied all privileges of The American Stud Book for 10 years, one for five years, and one for two years. All actions became effective January 1, 2018.

The denials of privileges include the privilege of registering foals and the privileges of any registration process for any Thoroughbred. The denials of privileges are pursuant to Rule 19 of the Principal Rules and Requirements of The American Stud Book.

Jose S. Nunez was denied privileges for 10 years, starting January 1, 2018, for being determined to have violated racing statutes, rules or regulations relating to prohibited or restricted drugs, medications or substances in a Thoroughbred. The violations occurred at Charles Town Racetrack on March 19, 2016, and March 26, 2016.

Ricardo Murillo was denied privileges for five years, starting January 1, 2018, for being determined to have violated a racing statute, rule or regulation relating to prohibited or restricted drugs, medications or substances in a Thoroughbred. The violation occurred at Charles Town Racetrack on September 28, 2016.

Mario Serey Jr. was denied privileges for two years, starting January 1, 2018, for being determined to have violated racing statutes, rules or regulations relating to prohibited or restricted drugs, medications or substances in a Thoroughbred. The violations occurred at Parx Racing on April 3, 2016; December 5, 2016; and December 6, 2016; and at Penn National on November 23, 2016; December 2, 2016; and December 3, 2016.

A database containing the aforementioned rulings and other Thoroughbred trainer rulings as provided by state regulators can be found at

The entire text of Rule 19 can be found at

  • Billy

    Well this list sure could be a hell of alot longer…..


    And yet the guy who had 7 horses die under his care was NEVER BANNED

    • Minneola

      Not only not banned but was there any sort of action against him?

      • theosmachine


    • Jay

      All in order to win a Triple Crown

      • BBFan

        Isnt it odd how that horse “ had” to fly back to the home barn all year?

    • Tinky

      Racing’s equivalent – though not the only one – of TBTF* banks.

      *Too Big To Fail

  • Kincsem

    You read something like this and think that there is maybe a sliver of hope for this industry, and then you realize that Parx just gave Mario Serey his stalls back. At the rate we are going, nothing is going to change.

    • Billy

      The guy runs claimers… im not sure how this would affect him anyway

      • Lehane

        Hardly a punishment when thoroughbreds can be registered in other people’s names.

    • BBFan

      Nothing will change as long as the same corruption is allowed. It is allowed because the same wealthy folks who own our government own the racehorses, too

      • Larry sterne

        Could u elaborate?

        • BBFan

          It is no secret about the seven horse incident – now, why do you think that trainer got off scott free and THEN they banned the substance? Think real hard ….

          • frank graziano

            You can’t punish someone for using a substance NOT banned. Look at Baseball and EPO’s. YOU think real hard.

  • Jake

    To bad racetrack owners don’t possess the morals of he jockey club. Maybe if the industry sets up a panel to start taking dates away from track operates that look the other way?

    • BBFan

      Dates are determined at the state level … you have heard of gerrymandering, yes? ;-)

    • Minneola

      The racetracks should be held accountable for what happens on their tracks. Businesses are held liable for what occurs on their premises, so why not racetrack owners?

  • CEOmike

    As just a fan I just don’t know what to make of this. It is like saying Tom Brady can not talk to the guy who puts air in the footballs, probably wise but almost useless.

    These three guys have had hundreds of starters, so they get caught with a couple. What are the odds the doping is a regular occurrence and they just slipped in the cover-up?

    What is even more distressing is this article gave me the link to the rulings site. What is a joke is the doping convictions where a trainer is fined $250 (mainly in the listing for bute) the horse wins the race but keeps the purse. So the trainer takes a $250 “fine” to keep the owner happy with $15,000 and gets to keep their win fee ($1,500 ??)

    We all get muscle pains and I am sure a horse does too, but bute is a NSAID for animals, until recently NSAIDs for people required prescriptions. Now only some low effect ones can be OTC (Aleve etc) No one in their right mind would take a NSAID just to do strenuous exercise because beside risking tearing yourself up because you feel no pain the rebound would horrendous. So why is this OK for horses?

    • It takes effort to find root causes, much easyer to make it “look” better

      Despite what some say horses do have rebound (i call it crash) when taken off various meds and it takes higher dosing over time. (-;) look at some that went across the pond where it could no be used. They crash hard and dont get back on track for months

  • bonniemcdo

    My filly-Steve’s Philly- was claimed by Mario Serey when she ran at Parx. Her DQ was at Penn National on 12/2/2016. She won that night. On 12/10/2016 she ran again at Parx and came in second. She was due to run again in a week at Parx, I got her back. She is now in foal to Palice Malice in NY. I had been following her the whole time.

    • Eric

      Sounds like you bought her strictly as a broodmare prospect (sounds like you will have a very early foal…good luck!), but if you had hypothetically bought/claimed the horse on 12/10 because she ran so well on 12/2, and then sometime after the claim you found out that the horse was DQed on 12/2 – would you have any recourse to void the claim? It would sure seem unfair to claim a horse off of a big performance that turned out to be counterfeit, and to be stuck with the horse.

      • bonniemcdo

        I bought her as a two year old and raced her in NY. She is named in memory of my husband Steve who grew up in Philly. She is a half to Wonder Again and a nice horse with a good pedigree. . She has a nice physical and I wanted her away from Pa racing to be honest. I have my broodmares in NY and race them at NYRA. I just had one of my horses go to New Vocations. Owners also have to take a stand and take care of their horses after they leave the track. Steve’s Philly will have a nice baby I can race and have a good life safe on a farm in Saratoga.


    Just another reminder of why I do not wager on PA racing. So much smoke there that even Cheech Marin would choke.

  • Eric

    Nunez won’t be needing the Stud Book privileges any time soon,,, he is suspended thru 2021. Interestingly, he is a 3% lifetime trainer. You never know who is clean and who is not.

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