‘Stunning Vision for the Future’: Suffolk Overhauls Design in Hopes of Landing Casino

by | 03.06.2013 | 12:12pm
New design of entrance to proposed casino at Suffolk Downs adds plenty of greenspace.

Facing stiff competition from rival projects, officials representing Suffolk Downs' bid for casino development rights have dramatically revamped the design for their proposed facility.

The new development plans, which were featured in an article in the Boston Globe, greatly increase the green space with more gardens and trees added around the casino. Officials hope that the design, which reduces the “sea of asphalt” around the facility, will be a key selling point in their bid.

The architectural firm, Sasaki Associates of Watertown, produced the new designs, which are the first major change to the casino design since Suffolk Downs initially unveiled plans for the development last June. At the time, Suffolk was the only contender for the lucrative casino license. However, as the Jan. 15 filing deadline approached, two other companies joined the race for the license.

“This is a really stunning vision for how the property can look in the future, compared to what it looks like now,” Chip Tuttle, chief operating officer of Suffolk Downs, said of the new plans. “It's a part of our commitment to having the most sustainably designed gaming property in the United States.”

Read more at the Boston Globe

  • Don Reed

    “The most sustainably designed…”

    Mr. Software Word Robot forgot the usually scripted “mission,” “diverse” &

    Here, Chip, let me do it for you, free of charge:

    “Our mission is to create the most diverse, sustainably empowered casino design [fill in the rest].”

    See how easy it is to make sounds that mean absolutely nothing & yet creates the media image of “A Take Charge Guy”?

    Now, you try it.

    • James Staples

      Strange choise of words for sure!!!…

    • Matt Clarke

       Hey Don, all of us who participate in these important forums must be wondering. Do you ever have anything positive to add to the debate or are you just the class smart [email protected]#$#. As someone who knows Chip, I find your juvenile comments extremely offensive.

      • Stanley inman

        “important forums” ?
        Matt, what are you gibbering about?
        Don does the very difficult-
        Makes people laugh
        Doesn’t suffer fools gladly
        Like comedy central

        • Stanley inman

          Matt forgive us for
          We know not better
          Let’s see;
          Can’t use the “N” word;
          No more blond jokes;
          No more polish jokes;
          Wheelchair funnies, guys with one arm laughers
          out of bounds
          condescension at PR

    • salthebarber

      Don, Chip Tuttle is a partner in a successful local advertising and PR company. Tuttle has a pretty good reputation locally.

  • Ned Daly

    No design vision on the planet will get rid of the tank farm shown at the left of the picture. I am sure it will be screened along the access road, but will be very visible from Rte 1A and from the back side of the grandstand unless they block the windows.

    As I have said before “Call me when they order the steel.”

  • Rachel

    I’m rooting for you Suffolk! Hoping New Hampshire finally passes the casino, too, and it goes to Rockingham Park…maybe, just maybe..I believe…

  • salthebarber

    The proposed Wynn casino site is loaded with chemical waste from the old Monsanto Company. The owner of the property has until June, 2014 to clean it out. The Massachusetts Gaming Commission will have to grant Wynn a casino license on land that needs to be cleaned. It just seems like too much of an obstacle. The proposed casino in Milford does not even have the support of the surrounding communities. I think that Suffolk might end up as the lone bidder after all. I am just speculating. Suffolk is pretty far along in their efforts and plans.

  • Carlsonannalee

    have been living here greater boston all my life .for those of you who are not aware of how things are done in ma.  the legislature is basically corrupt the senate presidents are routinely convicted of crimes and sent to prison and disgraced.3of the last 4 i believe.that being said mr tuttle and deceased owner mr moseley really have tried do do the right thing.the racetrack is not in a scenic area to say the least but they have kept racing going for years making pennies on the dollar for their investmant. the propertyis 1mile from the areas biggest airport and about 3miles from downtown . it could have been sold many times at a profit but they have hung in and tried. for more info read a book. by t.d. thrnton the current track announcer.for a clear view of how things are done or not done in this cesspool of corruption state.

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