Saudi Arabia To Launch Horse Racing Championship To Rival Breeders’ Cup, Dubai World Cup

by | 02.07.2018 | 11:23am
In the winner's circle at Ridayh Race Course in Saudi Arabia

Officials in Saudi Arabia have announced plans to host a horse racing championship that would be the most valuable in the world.

The National reports that plans are in the works for the country to host the King Abdulaziz Horse Championship, which would offer purses totaling $17 million, making it one of the biggest events in the sport.

Supporters say that the event would “rival the Kentucky Derby in size and attract competitors from the United States, the United Kingdom and Japan.”

Officials haven't announced yet as to when the first event would be held.

Read more in The National

  • bhood

    Yeahhhh…good luck with all that SA.

  • Neigh Sayer


  • Beerbal Rooplall

    The just wanted to top the Pegasus

  • Tinky

    Welp, this signals racing’s equivalent of a “blow-off top”.

  • Ray

    and Good Luck to anyone who wants to go to KSA and get a visa entry permit.

    • R

      KSA? Journalism 101, Ray, treat me like I don’t know anything. That said, thank you.

  • ctgreyhound

    And it was just a matter of time.

  • Magi

    We Shouldn’t have anything to do with such a repressive, authoritarian and needless to say corrupt culture/regime. The jockeys of the last placed finishers to be flogged in the public square and have tjeir hands cut off. Male jockeys of course.

  • Race girl


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