Report: Texas Court Upholds Ban on Advance Deposit Wagering

by | 09.29.2014 | 12:22pm

The Fifth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals in Texas has upheld a lower court's ruling that prohibits companies from taking wagers from state residents over the phone or internet.

According to the Louisville Courier-Journal, Churchill Downs Inc. had hoped the three-judge panel would reverse a lower court's ruling on the matter. The Louisville-based company, which operates, had been trying to open the Texas market to advance deposit wagering for the past few years.

In its argument to overturn the earlier ruling, Churchill Downs officials stated that the law, which requires bets to be place ‘in-person' at a racetrack, “violated the constitution's interstate commerce clause by favoring in-state companies.”

The court of appeals ruling said that Churchill “had failed to demonstrate that Texas law amounted to discrimination.”

Courtney Yopp Norris, a spokeswoman for Churchill Downs, indicated that the track expects to appeal the decision, although nothing had yet been finalized.

Read more in the Louisville Courier-Journal

  • Anon

    Texas, all about that “freedom” thing, ya’ll.

    • AngelaFromAbilene

      Having lived in Texas over 1/2 mile life, I feel qualified to say, “that freedom thing” is nothing more than a joke down here. Texas is full of Bible thumping hypocrites. The same folks that don’t want gambling, in ANY form, other than Bingo and the lottery, board those casino busses every day. Walk into a casino in southern Oklahoma, eastern New Mexico or western Louisiana and it’s packed with Texans. Those same folks would vote for Prohibition again if the were able, yet every Tuesday, they’re lined up for Tax Figured In day at the local liquor store. I won’t even get started on how we, Texas treat women, children, elderly and the poor.

      Once upon a time, in this very land, horse racing was almost as big as cattle and oil. It wasn’t that long ago. There were QH and Thoroughbred farms ALL over the State. There were training farms. We had sales companies and big sales several times a year. The Texas Bred program was booming. Remember Smile? We had tracks everywhere. We were like Kentucky and Florida all rolled up into one big Texas version of a horse racing meca.

      Then, we got pari mutuel. Things were looking even better. We, Texas and her horse racing industry believed the sky was the limit. Heck, we even had a Breeders Cup at Lone Star Park. That really put us over the moon. But all the while, these Bible thumpers were in the background. Fuming over people gambling their money at racetracks. Every single time something comes up in the Legislature that has anything at all to do with gambling, these folks embark on a whirlwind hissy fit and we lose a little more ground. They’ve almost succeeded in killing the entire industry.

      Texas… where the people still believe kissing gets you pregnant, the Earth is flat and gambling is ok as long as you don’t do it at home.

      • Leo M.

        Very well said!! Texas leave me no other choice that to spend my money in Oklahoma, Louisiana, and New Mexico. Kiss those tax dollars good-bye. Racing in Texas will be no more.

        • AngelaFromAbilene

          EXACTLY! I’d venture to say billions of tax dollars lost to our neighbors. Everything is bigger in Texas and our special brand of “stupid” is gargantuan. Look no further than the politicians we in Texas have unleashed on the world for excellent examples of this. They call us the “Loon Star State” for a reason.

  • jazz mania

    Twin Spires can litigate it’s interest in ADW while making a black hole where the Fairgrounds used to be? Good for Tx !

    • AngelaFromAbilene

      I’m no fan of CDI but if they can get us ADW, it would be great.

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