Report: Churchill Downs To Request Permission To Add Historical Racing Machines

by | 06.19.2017 | 1:47pm

After years of rejecting plans to install historical racing machines at its facility, Churchill Downs Inc., officials will request permission to operate the machines at Tuesday's Kentucky Horse Racing Commission meeting.

The Lexington Herald-Leader reports that the historical racing machines are one of several items on the agenda to be discussed at the meeting. The KHRC is scheduled to meet Tuesday afternoon at the Kentucky Horse Park.

It isn't clear at this time whether the machines will be installed at Churchill Downs or at another property owned by Churchill, such as the former Sports Spectrum, the training center and former off-track betting parlor located on Poplar Level Road in Louisville.

Read more in the Lexington Herald-Leader

  • Richard C

    Figuring out ways to generate revenue in currently barren space makes perfect (dollars and) sense.

  • kuzdal

    Hope they bought all the property they need.

    • David Burris

      It’s going to be located at the Trackside training facility or better know as Louisville Downs 30 years ago. It has plenty of space for a building and parking.

  • Barry

    OK I’ll bite…..what is an “Historical racing machine”?

    • Peter Scarnati

      They are slot machines which somehow are “pari-mutuel in nature.” I have never seen anyone explain exactly how they are “pari-mutual in nature,” mind you.

      • That’s the reason they are eventually challenged in states that don’t allow slot machines.
        the key phrase being “Machine”

        Basicly you select the finish order from some random “historical” race wherein the real date track and names are obfuscated. Pparamurual because it has to do with horse racing

        • Peter Scarnati

          Just because a form of wagering is connected (however loosely) to horse racing does not make the activity pari-mutuel. For example, head-to-head wagering offered by Betfair is not pari-mutuel wagering. It is fixed odds wagering.

          • Yes I agree
            in my state it was originally legalized under that premis because the only legal form of gambling in the state was “paramutual horse racing”
            It was later challenged on that premis and also as a “machine” having the aperance and similarity to a slot machine (eligal in the state)
            and was deemed to be against the law.
            Horse racing had become totally dependent on that revenue when that revenue went away so did the track. Only thing left is fair meets with 2000 and below purses

            Sort of an overview but that’s the jest of it

  • Longshot

    Maybe they got tired of seeing KY Downs rolling in the bucks. Turfway pay attention too

    • Russ

      Turfay I thought had approval to install at the end of their 2015-16 live racing season? They brought in some of the tables and chairs that the “machines” would mount to but they did not move forward with installing them, not sure what the hold up was or is?

      • Longshot

        I’m there everyday. Thats news to me. The only tables and chairs I’ve seen is for people to sit at and eat $1 hot dogs and drink $1 beers

        • RR

          He is right, the seats and machines were on the second level after entering the main gates, they were left there still shrink wrapped. Supposedly the fourth floor was being remodeled to accommodate them but it never happened, even heard one of the mutual tellers talking about it. The track is owned by the same company that owns the DT casino so I guess they figured it would mooch of that place, also it would be the fourth casino slash slots parlor within about 35 miles if you count Belterra Park and the Lburg casino.

          If KY ever gets slots or casinos legalized I surmise that it will mean the end for Turfway Park, I doubt the company that owns the casino DT would want to put any money into it as it would conflict with the DT casino. I would say they would do something similar to what was done a few years ago in Ohio with Beulah being abandoned for a new facility in Ytown (Mahoning Valley). Pretty sure they would build a track elsewhere in KY near a population center. Shame because TP has some history and potential if they would put some money in to update it. I don’t ever see TP rebounding, the company who owns it will keep it as selling it will risk them having another competitor if slots ever were legalized.

          • Longshot

            Well I haven’t made it on the 4th floor much but the last thing I heard was the GM of the downtown casino came to TP on a Friday night 1$ beer night and said he wished they had crowds like that down there. So their was more consideration, but no action yet. And if they do get slots I don’t think they would move. Florence is a booming metropolis

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