Protesters demand end of horse slaughter in Alberta

by | 07.24.2012 | 11:47am

A crowd of demonstrators gathered in Calgary on Monday and called for an end to the slaughter of horses for human consumption.

The Calgary-Herald reports that protesters gathered under a billboard that showed two horses with the caption, “Stop Slaughtering Us.” The group was gathered in support of Bill C-322 which has been introduced before Parliament by B.C. MP Alex Atamanenko that calls for an end to the import and export of horses for human consumption.

Since U.S. legislation shutdown horse slaughterhouses in 2007, Canada has seen a large influx of horses being shipped in for slaughter.

Canada is home to a huge horse meat industry, with most of the meat being exported to Europe and Asia. In 2011, Canada slaughtered 89,348 horses and exported nearly 13,500 tons of horse meat to Belgium, France, Switzerland and other countries.

However, not all of the horse meat is exported to Europe. Quebec has a growing market for horse meat, and there are even places in Calgary that offer it.

“I'm in this because I do have a compassion for horses,” said Atamenko. “It does not appear that there is a humane way to slaughter horses in this country.”

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