Pricci: Plenty of reasons for racing industry to be afraid

by | 03.22.2012 | 3:56pm

Horse Race Insider John Pricci writes about the convergence of recent negative developments for the Thoroughbred racing industry, including the breakdowns at Aqueduct, the cancellation of the HBO series Luck, and the potential fallout from media coverage:

“As we speak, the New York Times is preparing a series on horse fatalities. As Turo Escalante might say–if he still had a voice, that is–“what a surprise,”—yet another negative story from the paper of record just in time for Kentucky Derby Madness.”

“The sad part is that that the impending series is timely and newsworthy, and it comes a time when the industry is being buried under an avalanche of bad news. For anyone who loves this game—and that's everybody associated with it, on any level—that pit in your stomach is a.k.a. fear.”

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