Portland Meadows: Average Payouts Up Across the Board in 2013-14

by | 02.05.2014 | 3:50pm
Racing at Portland Meadows

Good value for their gaming dollar is one of, if not the most paramount things for bettors to consider when playing the races.  The 2013/14 season at Portland Meadows was one of growth not just for purse sizes and field sizes, but for wagering pools and payoffs.  In 2012 Portland Meadows ran the inaugural Summer Meet, racing three days a week from July to December, which was a switch from the traditional October to April schedule the track had always ran.  For 2013/14 season, Portland Meadows reduced the schedule to racing just two days a week as well as increased purses.  These changes helped spur an increase in field size in 2013/14 to 7.56 horses per race, up from 2012's average of 6.72 per race.  The purse and field size increases helped  result in a dramatic increase in wagering handle, as per day handle soared to $457,924, up 49.56% from the 2012 Summer Meet that averaged $306,182 per racing day.

With more horses in each race and more money being bet, there were more opportunities for bettors and the payouts showed a dramatic increase almost across the board.

“We put out a better product and our races were in greater demand in the local market and with horseplayers in other jurisdictions and those wagering from home,” said Portland Meadows General Manager Will Alempijevic.  “As a result, whether you like the straight, horizontal, or vertical wagers there was significantly more value betting Portland Meadows in the 2013-14 Meet.”

While every wager at Portland Meadows showed increases in average payout, there were some huge increases that stood out.  Average trifecta payouts nearly doubled, going from an average $1 payoff of $101.41 in 2012 to $187.28 in 2013/14.  Superfecta payouts more than doubled, as the $0.10 base wager offered an average payout of $111.42 this season versus $53.72 last season.

The most significant increase was in Portland Meadows' 14% Takeout Pick 4.  The wager had an average payout of $398.75 in 2012 and jumped a whopping 825% in 2013/14 with an average payout of $1,224.30.

Portland Meadows debuted a $0.25 Pick 5 with a 15% takeout rate in 2013/14 which had an average payoff of $660.62.

Here is a full list of the average payouts for the recently completed 2013/14 season compared to the 2012 season.

Average Payouts Per Wager – Portland Meadows Live Racing  

2013-14 Meet


2012 Meet


$ Change

% Change

$2.00 Base



































$1.00 Base





















Daily Double







Pick 3







Pick 4














$0.25 Base







Pick 5



New Wager in '13-14











$0.10 Base





















Avg. Field Size







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