‘Only As Strong As Your Weakest Link’: Racing Needs To ‘Admit We Have A Problem’

by | 11.17.2019 | 12:04pm

After reading Donna Brothers' article about PETA earlier this week, long-time fan and gambler Jonathan Stettin penned a response published at pastthewire.com. While he agreed with parts of Brothers' piece, he took issue “with the cheerleading and the potential for that to lead to a false sense of complacency.”

Stettin's response points out a number of issues with the sport of horse racing, but he argues that the primary concern should be that of equine safety on the track.

“The safety and fatality issues have taken over the sport and have out ranked all the other issues,” Stettin wrote. “If we don't address these issues we won't get another chance to fix all the others. There is a lot to do and none of it involves rallying cries or bashing anyone else. This is not the time to be patting ourselves on the back. It is the time to take stock, admit we have a problem, adopt zero tolerance towards anything, anything that can impact safety in any way.”

He suggests that the best way to accomplish this is to work together in efforts to self-police the sport and to eliminate those people who abuse the privilege of competing in it.

“There are those who love and care about horses. There are those who treat horses as commodities or business property. There are also those who abuse and neglect race horses,” Stettin summarized. “You are only as strong as your weakest link. We have weak links. Those other two groups can bring down the we love horses people like a house of cards.”

Read more at pastthewire.com.

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