One Week After Race Meet, ICE Arrests Eight In Saratoga Springs

by | 09.12.2017 | 4:39pm

Though U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials did not raid the Saratoga backstretch during the six-week race meet, they returned to Saratoga Springs for a raid early this week. On Monday, eight men from Mexico were arrested, reports the Albany Times Union. Over June and July, the months preceding the racing season, ICE arrested 27 individuals in Saratoga Springs.

ICE spokesman Khaalid Walls stated that ICE did not enter into any agreement with the racetrack or the local trainers.

“ICE is going for the low hanging fruit,” said immigration lawyer Leonard J. D'Arrigo. “They might not want to do something that will be a huge draw of bad publicity. They are probably nervous.”

Raids on the backside of Saratoga during the meet would have endangered the success of the racing season, D'Arrigo argued, and would also have angered local fans.

Read more at the Albany Times Union.

  • Richard C

    These raids happen at the start of a track’s racing season – or a few weeks before a meet wraps up – and the line in the backstretch dirt will be set on where everyone (who pays and hires the workers) stands on the issue. There may not be overt deals agreed upon for the raids…..but it certainly looks like the ol’ political wink-n-nod — so the titans of industry can clear out the back door well before the front door is kicked in.

  • steve from woodbine

    millions for horses and 10cents for labour

    • Blue Larkspur

      the workers don’t give them that ego boost

  • the buzz23

    The hipocrocy in this nation is staggering. Agriculture no different. See Devin Nunez who represents large agriculture lobbies in Fresno.

    • Shirley Mae Keller Verhoef

      Grumbling today. All lobbies should be dropped and the jerks we elected be let to form their own opinions, unless they ask a particular group for help. No that last part wouldn’t work.

  • Michael Infurna

    Who were the trainers that employed these illegal workers? perhaps they are the ones that should be arrested?

  • Larry sterne

    ICE doesn’t have much to do. Arrest hard working people? “Real example of the tough sherif in town”. How about spending your time on illegal drug dealers and other criminals. Are you scared you might get hurt.?

    • Farmer

      Cant the money spent on ICE employees be better spent elsewhere? How about relief for Houston or FLA instead of rounding up working people trying to support their families from countries with corrupt governments.

  • OopsyDaisy3

    I am curious, were these criminals wanted in Mexico?

    • ctgreyhound

      Your questions (here & above) make too much sense. That’s why they aren’t addressed.

  • OopsyDaisy3

    Could you possibly list the trainers that knowingly employed the illegals?

    • Olebobbowers

      You took the words right outta my mouth, OD3! I’ll lay you 99-1 no trainers shall be named. The odds will raise to 1,000-1. ‘CALL ice to come get them so they don’t have to pay them.’~ provides only one named will be from a nightmare sleeping after drinking Espresso. That was a cheap shot aimed at trainers, and totally unprovable at any level!

  • Al McBean

    The moral decay of this nation continues unabated…so ICE has a problem with illegal immigrants but not when the rich are inconvenienced so they show up before the meet starts and then after the meet is over..The thing that puzzles me about the heartless Americans who support these policies and profess themselves to be God fearing God loving people is do you really think you are fooling the same God you profess to love sooooo much…I don’t think so, because you’re not fooling me and I don’t see a 1/1000th of what he sees. Righteousness exalts a nation but evil deeds ensures its destruction..they’re already signs that something or someone is not happy , carry on my fellow Americans carryon.

    • Nicly said
      morals of convenience
      ethics of convenience
      the day will come when the big ranger says enogh ..everyone out of the pool

      • Ned Daly

        Plutocrats treating humans just the way they treat horses – use ’em up and throw them away.

    • Blue Larkspur

      speak it, brother!

  • The whole process needs to change
    allow returning imagrent workers
    streamline line and allow more work visas

    The selective inforcent of existing law only adds to the confusion. The current imigration law on the books for 30 years also cannot be ignored or selectivly enforced. Its quite a condondrum but somthing needs to change for these workers. It is know that some are paid a substandard wage and nothing they can do and nobody to complain to without the risk of deportation. I know of cases where esentualy thes folks are slaves and kept that way by threats. I have even seen cases where a green card was held hostage

    • Shirley Mae Keller Verhoef

      Most of the workers are here to do an honest (and hard working) job. There should be a way to cut all the damn red tape and get them true work visas that lead to citizenship. It can be so hard dealing with all the things they don’t understand.

  • Peter Scarnati

    Way to go Albany Times Union. Another shining example of utterly shoddy journalism. Of course, likely perpetrated intentionally on their part. The story states eight were arrested, but yet, only discusses two of the cases as far as what charges they were arrested on. I suppose we are left to guess what the other six did to cause them to be arrested.
    And the Saratoga Springs Mayor is a real wizard of smart.
    “Unless they are violent criminals, I don’t understand it,” Mayor Yepsen is quoted as saying in the story about those rounded up. I wonder if the good Mayor would extend the same lax law enforcement upon American citizens which are not violent criminals in her fair city. For example, should law enforcement officials merely look the other way if Americans in her city are tax evaders? Petty criminals? Drug dealers? And, Ms. Mayor, please explain why one’s immigration status should be a consideration when arresting such “non-violent criminals”??

  • Jack The Ripper

    I can’t believe what I’m reading. Actual Americans are upset with a government agency for doing the right thing. would you all be this upset if they found these illegal immigrants somewhere else besides a back stretch ? illegal is illegal no matter where they’re found. Illegal immigrants have no rights which is why I don’t understand why some people gl say the system has to be changed. does that mean the bar should be lowered so more people can willingly and illegally come to the country ? As a non American I find it sad and deplorable that some are just fine will people breaking the law so long as they can bet the pick 4. On another note how in the world does one make it through the dessert of the American south West to upstate New York without being detected ?
    At any point did one have to show ID to cash a check or enter a building ? Very alarming f I may say so.

  • ICE should send some of those people “looking for jobs” over at the stables to replace these Mexicans—-if they even show up, much less capable of real work, that would be a wonder!

  • Art Hernandez

    Same old story. Why isn’t the headline, “People who hired illegal workers arrested during raid”.

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