On Again, Off Again: Philadelphia Chef Removes Horse Meat From Menu

by | 06.08.2013 | 10:31am

After his much-publicized plan to put horse meat on the menu at his South Philadelphia restaurant Monsu, chef Peter McAndrew has decided to reconsider the addition. McAndrew said he received numerous “death threats” and images and video of horses being killed at slaughter houses.

“I was aware that you have to get the meat from a reputable source but what I learned is that it takes a longer time to kill a horse because they are much smarter than other animals,” said McAndrew.

He said one video in which a horse had to take the electric bolt three times before it died was enough to change his mind. A visit from the Food and Drug Administration also forced him to reconsider.

“Their initial concern was to make sure that I wasn't selling horse meat out of a back door alley somewhere which happens quite often. They just said ‘I would stay away from it if I were you,'” he said.

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  • harry

    Yea like anybody will actually know if he has eliminated horse meat. God only knows whats being served in restaurants in the age of anything goes from USDA. I am still not sure whats in the meat at Taco Bell and McDonald’s,Burger King,Wendy”s etc.Salmonella outbreaks!!! Just in time for Obama-care and reduced medical care!!! I am going on all vegetable diet?????

    • betterthannothing

      I understand that some imported peperoni, salami, chorizo and sausages contain horse meat.

      • betterthannothing

        And donkey.

    • lindleypaxtonbarden

      You can’t be sure of what’s in ANY of the meat that you eat . . . there
      are antibiotics, steroids, bacteria, and genetically-modified animal
      components in almost all meat for human consumption. And that’s not
      even addressing the cruelty aspect of animal mass-production and slaughter. All vegetable is the safest way to go!

  • old horse lover

    Don’t eat anything but fish,dove,quail,venison.Eggs from the man around the corner, and grow as many veggies as we can on our little acre plus.One day hope meat can wean off all te meat.

  • lindleypaxtonbarden

    And good chef Peter McAndrew would also eat dog meat . . . I say it’s time to boycott any restaurant he is involved with!

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