Official Trailer for ’50 to 1′ Released

by | 12.18.2013 | 4:32pm
Calvin Borel wins Derby on Mine That Bird

The official trailer for the movie '50-1,' which documents Mine That Bird's journey to victory in the 2009 Kentucky Derby, has been released.

The movie will hit theaters in March 2014 and is being distributed by director and co-writer Jim Wilson of Ten Furlongs production company.

  • sold

    Can’t wait =, good old fashioned white trash story

    • countrycat

      Wow – stereotype much? At least, the connections behind Mine That Bird stayed true to themselves. As Ida Lee rightly pointed out, they not only shared their victory with fans, they paid tribute to Barbaro. And in the end, they did right by Mine That Bird, himself. Class act in my book. Yet you call them ‘white trash’ – I call them horse people.

      • Beach

        I was also thinking in terms of characters–and, for the record, don’t think for a minute that the Ivy League/Brahmin types can’t act like absolute trash, because I have seen it–PLENTY.

        • Ginger2000


      • Ginger2000

        I’m with you. I like real people, not people who always “look” good and really treat horses badly.

    • Guest

      hite trash? Well on the
      backside we just call them colorful characters, and on any
      racetrack in the US you will find these colorful characters! His trainer ended
      his rise to fame on a rather sour note but there’s no taking away the things he
      accomplished with the horse.

  • Bottlecap44

    One question – did Mine That Bird play himself? I wanna see it, I just hope it comes to a theater near me. (and were the trainers really THAT much white trash? Yikes!)

  • Patricia Jones

    a must see he is retired in rosewell nm

  • TJS

    The guy that is playing Baffert looks like Andy Warhol. What a hoot. Bet Bob loves it.

    • Ginger2000

      He sure doesn’t look like Bob.

  • Ida Lee there such a thing as “black trash” or “olive skin trash” or let’s say “redskin trash” or “rosy cheeks trash”…just asking. I very much want to see this movie because it’s about a horse that is absolutely precious. MTB is the only KY Derby winner I have seen in person and have actually touch that beautiful head. But one thing I remember very well also is his connections paying homage to Barbaro by handing out to fans in front of the Barbaro memorial the roses from the Bird’s KD blanket. That to me is class personified…

  • Stephanie

    Well, if I wasn’t interested in horses, that trailer would not make me want to see the movie

    • Ginger2000


    • we’re watching

      I would strongly disagree. The crazy stuff going on in that trailer is exactly the stuff that the common man would go to see. It’s amazing, I am sure it will catch on in the general public.

  • It’llbeaflop

    Where’s the sceen when chip urinates on the slot machine

    • sold

      Now you’re talking

  • Bobf83

    To be honest……I still can’t believe that horse won the derby.

    • Ginger2000

      He won the Derby because he had been racing at over 5,000 feet above sea level. When the others ran out of air, he was getting way more oxygen than he was used to. He wasn’t breathing hard after the race. The longer he stayed at sea level the poorer his performance became. Not surprising – he lost his advantage.

      • Wildagaindan

        I never thought of that before. But years ago we had a late born Utah bred Thoroughbred who qualified for the two futurities at Wyoming Downs – 8000 feet – his two year old season. When we sent him to Arizona a few weeks later the different trainer there said he could not run four furlongs. My theory is the Denver Broncos got blown out of three Superbowls because after two weeks at sea level there body’s over relaxed while downsizing the needed red blood cell count. But a few other horses have gone from New Mexico to the Derby and not done much. But the altitude adjustment thing is something to consider.

  • riatea

    I sure hope they used the actual footage of Calvin after the race, because that was the best ever put to film.

  • robert edwards

    I think with where horse racing is now a nice little movie wouldn’t hurt. Horse racing is now like baseball in the nineties. No fans. Period. It is really a shame it has come to this. Maybe this little movie will generate a fan or two. I hope the movie doesn’t portray the connections of MTB as a bunch of dumb asses, Because they are not. Chip Woolley is a trainer that knows how to do the job. Leonard Blach has run one of the most successful breeding operations in the state of NM for 40 years, and Mark Allen could buy New York City if he wanted to. Money,brains, fast horses and some guts what it takes to win races. That hasn’t changed in 100 years. What we need are the fans back, hopefully this movie will help.

    • Beach

      A judicious-drugs-only, horse-first culture would help, too.

      • Ginger2000

        So true!

  • Ben Hogan

    In talking to those involved ,they said there really isn’t much truth in this movie ,other than he won the Derby.Its mostly the made up Hollywood dramatics and should serve to make them all look like idiots from NM.

  • Hot Scot Racing

    Looking forward to seeing it on DVD.. two weeks after the release date !

    • santacruzchuck

      My only hope is that a neighbor of yours invites you over to see it on his TV using his DVD player. Something tells me that you wouldn’t know how to operate either.

  • GreggJ

    Sorry, after reading Dr. Leonard Blach’s words regarding slaughter, no way I will see this movie, no way! A Kentucky Derby winning owner who favors slaughter? No thanks, and Mine that Bird is just down the street from where Blach wants slaughter to resume? No thanks again…

  • Patti Davis

    Looks like it may be a fun ride.

    But for the life of me I cannot fathom why they are releasing this movie in MARCH???? Why not Derby week and have the star-studded premiere’s proceeds benefit equine retirement programs?

  • Wendy Lynn Warnick Parrish

    Count me in. My bet is it’s a winner. Because that’s what we do here in Vegas. Bet on the long shots.

  • Kate Livingston

    I’m looking forward to seeing it, my son is in it!

  • AngelaFromAbilene

    I still haven’t figured out why Mine That Bird is considered such a “Cinderella” story. He was a $9500.00 F-T October yearling that was the 2 y/o Canadian Champion. Blach & Allen bought a Champion 2 y/o and won the Kentucky Derby with him under a trainer nobody had ever heard of. What seemed to capture the publics attention was that he was actually hauled, in a horse trailer, by his trainer from New Mexico to Kentucky. [That’s how most folks haul their horses. Regardless of where they’re going or why.] Mine That Bird was a legitimate contnder from the get-go but because his trainer was unknown, people wrote him off.

  • crookedstick

    I wouldn’t watch this movie ,if I had opening nite tickets. Doc Blach is despicable. The only reason Mine That Bird is not yesterday’s hamburger is that he happened to win the race. Blach is the Expert Witness for Valley Meat Horsemeat for human consumption, the horror house is virtually behind his breeding barn.

  • crookedstick

    I would not see it if you paid me. The only reason MTB is not yesterday’s hamburger is, he won. Blach was Expert witness for Valley Meat horsemeat for human consumption. The horror house is virtually in his back yard.

  • mentdijinn

    Well.. I for one am NOT MISSING this movie.. It is a great story! in and of itself… It is FOR ENTERTAINMENT … even if it is a true story…. not a documentary.. not really about the horse racing industry … just one journey in the life of #MineThatBird and his owner’s.. you don’t have to like them to or what they have said in the PAST… to enjoy a good movie!

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