No Explanation Provided For Firing Of Former Jockey As Charles Town Steward

by | 09.01.2017 | 6:47pm
Larry Dupuy

The West Virginia Racing Commission convened an emergency meeting on Friday morning via teleconference, resulting in Charles Town state steward Larry Dupuy's termination, according to the West Virginia Metro News. The 63-year-old former jockey, enshrined in the Charles Town Racing Hall of Fame in 2011, was not given a reason other than the fact that he is an “at-will employee.”

“The only thing I was told was the commission wanted to make a change,” Dupuy said. “If I get fired I'd like to at least have done something.”

Two of the commissioners, chairman Jack Rossi and Anthony Figaretti, voted for the firing, while the third, Ken Lowe, voted against. Following the vote, Figaretti asked if a reason for the firing would be giving in writing, to which Rossi responded that the primary reason was Dupuy's status as an “at-will employee.” Rossi later replied to an email stating that the “matter taken up today at the Racing Commission meeting is a personnel matter about which I am unable to comment.”

“I thought surely one of the commissioners would say 'tell us what this is' or 'what's going on?'” said state senator John Unger (D-Berkeley). “Why was the meeting called, an emergency meeting for this particular issue? Secondly, what has he done that has precipitated this meeting and, therefore, this motion?I was going to ask a question, but they muted me.”

Read more at the West Virginia Metro News.

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