New York Regulators Plan To Examine Lasix Use

by | 03.23.2015 | 6:32pm

Just after the passage of a Kentucky resolution that would allow tracks to write Lasix-free races, New York officials announced they would like to examine and discuss the use of Lasix in the state.

According to The Blood-Horse, the New York State Gaming Commission plans to hold a forum with industry experts and representatives to learn more about the drug. No timetable for such a forum was provided.

Commission member John Crotty said there has been discussion about scrutinizing the use of Lasix in 2-year-old stakes and in Grade 1 races.

Read more at The Blood-Horse

  • Hamish

    American horse racing and breeding is on its way to “irrelevant” status in international Thoroughbred circles. Unfortunately, our typical horseman organization, racetrack vet practitioner, and even some racetracks can’t quite see the writing on the wall. We can not survive as an island long term, so please wake up said regressive folks and assist in enabling our game’s survival, Lasix or not.

    • Bill O’Gorman

      When the funding comes from idiots playing slot machines then it’s already irrelevant as a sport. But think of all the people getting a living out of, basically, Social Security money pouring into slot machines. And it’s a good way for Government to get back at least some of that money!

  • Joel Firsching

    New york was wise beyond its years when they held out on allowing lasix in their state. But the horse racing media pushed them hard to change so bleeders could run in the belmont stakes. So why wouldnt they want to decrease the use of lasix to back up what they stood for in the 90s ? Remember holy bull, cigar and skippy ?
    It has been two months since new york was done with their asmussen investigation. Regulators

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