New York: Proposed Bill Could End Insurance Coverage For Exercise Riders

by | 05.28.2015 | 8:47am
Carpe Diem (rail) and Madefromlucky work May 22 in preparation for the Belmont

The New York state legislature is considering a measure that would end workers' compensation insurance coverage for equine industry exercise riders. The riders are now covered by the New York Jockey Injury Compensation Fund.

According to a report in the Blood-Horse, the new legislation, introduced by the Senate and Assembly racing and wagering committees, would keep in place the current coverage provided by the fund for jockeys and apprentice jockeys.

Under the new proposal, workers' compensation coverage for exercise riders would instead be transferred to the horse owner or trainer that employs them.

Read more in the Blood-Horse


  • Baddabing

    So not trainers will continue to use jockeys to work horses in the morning since they don’t pay them anyway, bill the owner (who’s not at the track and does not know any better) the cost of the exercise rider and insurance for him as well.

  • Fast Filly

    An exersise rider may gallop ten horses in the morning for ten different trainers/ will that work..>? every trainer has compinsation insurance, most tracks require it. You have to get all ss numbers and the riders have to sign papers…less just make it harder to make money in this business..and if the owner thinks he’s getting cheated then he doesn’t trust his trainer very much.

    • Figless

      very good point, will be impossible to cover them, so they will in fact lose that coverage.
      But it hasn’t happened yet, there are piles and piles of bills in Albany that are never voted on, doubt this one makes it to the floor. Wonder who the sponsor is? And why?

    • Jocke Muth

      Actually in NY all exercise riders are officially employed by a trainer or they don’t get a “badge” to get on track property. Alot are “freelancers” but officially on a trainers stable list, and as such conciderd a employee of that trainer (it get’s nasty when some get hurt and workman’s comp. claims are made).
      As a rider in NY you have to make sure your actually galloping some horses for the trainer who’s list your on.

  • elkton stable

    This is a subtle way of informing all owners and trainers that their rates are about to soar to new heights. Its about time a public audit is conducted prior to any rate hike request. Where is all this money going. This should be compulsory especially for State Funded Insurance since they are public to begin with. I am certain this is in response to a morning fatality that occurred a couple of years ago.

  • Marty P

    maybe the Attorney General should investigate NYRA and New York politicians

    • togahombre

      the attorney general is likely an upcoming domino

  • Duke

    Maybe the state should stop workmans comp for the legislature. That would a huge savings

  • Tonto

    workmen s comp is for “pay roll “employes – you cannot be an ‘independent contractor’ and an employee at the same time

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